Make Me Smile

I wanted to start off with a pretty general post that  will briefly outline some of the many things that make me smile. I am someone who is very easily stressed (and worries non-stop) so having a positive focus in life is something I am trying really hard to develop as a second nature, to replace the more pessimistic side of myself and to reduce stress! So, long story short I aim to do a post like this weekly or fortnightly with a few of the things that over that couple of weeks had made me smile/appreciate life just that little bit more. But seeing as I have a whole life behind me this is some of the things that constantly bring smiles and happiness into my life!


This Guy…pretty much my best friend and love of my life. Easy to take people you have been with for 6 years for granted but I hope I never forget how lucky I am to have found my soul mate when I was so young!

ImageMy family is amazing and HUGE! These are two of my wonderful siblings Mr 4 and Mr 10, and they are both such incredible human beings. I also have a Mr 19, a Miss 17 and a Mr 15 (god I hope i got all their ages right, I lose track of my own age so keeping track of all of theirs is like trivial pursuit for me…) Either way they are all crazy just like me and that’s why I love them


ImageImageCallie…I may be crazy for loving my cat like a child but she is my first pet and she drives me crazy with her cuteness… Me and the fella treat her like our child and hey, i don’t need children so long as I got this fluffy thing. She found us (was living under our house) and was the best thing that ever came begging for food. I never feel alone at home and I end up dancing at her waaay to much…I don’t even think she likes it very much…

ImageImageNail Polish… Yeah this is my guilty secret, I have a pretty big obsession with nail polish (although through reading of nail polish blogs I realise my collection could be muuucchhhh bigger). I love doing my nails as a way to relax after a stressful day at Uni, and a nice manicure truly makes me feel more put together…weird…maybe but that’s me.

ImageI love to read and would love to do a post on some of my favorite authors and books but in general reading has been an activity that was important to me since before I remember. The chance to escape or to experience something totally foreign is amazing. One of the things I dislike about Uni is the lack of time I have to get lost in a good book, 5 minutes before a lecture isn’t really enough.

ImageWell the list goes on apparently with the things that make me smile (good to know i’m not lacking) I’ll end with a relatively new one: baking! With the Wedding coming up in the next 6 months and the prospect of baking the wedding cupcakes myself I have gone a wee bit crazy with cupcakes… however food in any form is something that makes me smile and producing it myself to share with the people I love…downright awesome.

Well there is a rather long, condensed version of some of the great things in my life!