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Well August is coming to a close and I thought I would do a favorite albums of the month that I have been listening to and loving! Just a little warning…I listen to a rather wide variety of music genres (very wide some might say) and I am terrible at classifying music! So bear with me haha! Also these are in no particular order.

File:John Mayer Born and Raised Cover.jpeg

John Mayer: Born and Raised

I have always liked John Mayer for some laid back, mellow tunes however this month I started listening to his new album “Born and Raised”. Definitely more of a country feel than I remember his other albums as having yet I loved this element combined with his dreamy voice and generally easy listening qualities. A good album for a house work session!

Favorite Songs: The Age of Worry, Love is a Verb, A Face to Call Home and Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey.

Loui the Zu: The Fruits of My Labour

I wouldn’t normally include rap/hip hop in my range of genre tastes however a while ago this album was free to download (legally) and as Loui the Zu is a New Zealand artist (born in Zimbabwe) I thought he was worth a listen. Wow, I am so glad I chose to give this album a chance! I loved the album as a whole and have been listening to it all month. I prefer the more melodic songs but this 18 year old’s immense talent is present in the whole album! I hope this man goes far! I think a huge plus in my mind is the lack of drugs and sex in his lyrics (I find that gets a bit tiresome) and instead some interesting subject matter present in his music (such as the perils of smoking lol!).

You can listen/download some of his tracks here: and here is an interview:

Favorite Songs: I want you to know, Broken Mercedes Benz, Stranger and so many more!


Lana del Rey: Born to Die

Again, not something I would generally listen to but Lana’s amazing voice meant I had to give this album a go! Although I guess she is “Pop” I find that her album is much more complex than that, with a variety of different elements such as her incredible vocals, the background hip hop beats and the haunting music. Hard to describe really…but worth a listen. (I also love a lot of her lyrics). Oh and did I mention that she is drop dead gorgeous!!!

Favorite Songs: Blue Jeans, National Anthem, Summertime Sadness, Video Games and Born to Die of course.

File:Wincing the Night Away.jpgThe Shins: Wincing the Night Away

I have been loving a lot of the Shins’ albums but this one has been my favorite. This is their third album and is one of the fairly few albums that I can very happily listen to all the way through. I think they come under an alternative/indie rock but as usual I have no idea. I love this album as it has some more upbeat songs such as Australia as well as a few very well done subdued tunes like Sleeping Lessons. A great, cohesive album in my opinion. Turn on me deserves a special mention as this is such a great song! I love the lyrics (e.g. So affections fade away, and do adults just learn to play the most ridiculous, repulsive games?” ) and is the one that I always end up dancing to whilst doing the dishes…

Favorite Songs: Sleeping Lessons, Turn on Me, Australia, Split Needles

File:Young the Giant - Young the Giant.jpg

Young the Giant

This is the first album from this Indie rock band from Seattle and an album that Edd and I have both been loving all month. Again, this album has a range of upbeat rock songs such as My Body and more alternative, slower songs such as My Apartment. I love the whole album and the lead voice is soooo pleasant to listen to! Another album I love to sing along to (badly).

Favorite Songs: My Apartment, Cough Syrup, Garands, Guns Out

So there you go! My 5 albums of August that I have been loving. Go check them out on Youtube and let me know what you think! I also love listening to new stuff so recommendations below are very very welcome!


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