Made Me Smile

So this week I have been at home on study break having a pretty relaxing time. Haven’t been up to a whole lot other than sleeping, babysitting what seems like everynight and trying to get on top of my mega to do list. So here are a few things that have made me smile this week šŸ˜€

This is my first ever experience of a fishtail plait kindly provided by my amazing fiancee Edd! After failing for most of the day to make one myself and telling Edd about it in the car he promptly gave it a go when we got home and whilst this may not be perfect IĀ couldn’tĀ stop smiling! This reminded why I love Edd so much (not that I need much reminding)

Lunch with Grandma on Wednesday was good for a variety of reasons. One of them I blogged about a few days ago (being present in the present) but also just being able to sit in the sun for the first time in ages was very enjoyable. Also the food was amazing. For any Aucklanders out there this was the Lush Food Store out on Te Atatu Peninsula and their food is consistently delicious, their coffees always to a high standard and their staff are friendly and welcoming. Plus with a huge outdoor seating area you can take advantage of the sun when it chooses to pop around.

So this was my big purchase of the week! My very first MAC lipstick in “Speak Louder”. Being able to go into the MAC store and actually buy something was such a great feeling and this lipstick was such a perfect pick! “Speak Louder” is a beautiful blue based pink (with some red to it) that is bright without being neon. The lasting timeĀ surprisedĀ me as I didn’t expect it to be much better than my normal lipsticks and I love the colour this fades to on the lips!! In NZ these retail for $40

A brief Callie photo from this week as she makes me smile all the darn time! This is her new favorite sleeping spot…a McDonalds paper bag. And she seems to love it so much that I can’t being myself to throw it away.

On Saturday and Sunday Edd and I went to the soccerĀ tournamentsĀ for Mr 10 and Mr 4 respectively being the last soccer weekend of the season. Despite being exhausted after full days of watching soccer (I know I least I wasn’t playing) and eating copious amounts of sausage sizzles I was both exhausted and stuffed! But the weekend was heaps of fun and both the teams did so great!

My first try of a KiwiYo at Botany. This is what I assume the FroYo and such are like in America where it is self service frozen yoghurt with more toppings than I can handle. Edd and I shared a combination of irish whiskey, chocolate and creme de menthe (yoghurt flavours) with toppings like chocolate, hokey pokey, russian fudge, choc peanuts and hot fudge sauce. A rather delicious experience all in all. Ā A great treat but on the expensive side.

Lastly, Father’s day was on Sunday as I mentioned in last post and going to see Total Recall with my two favorite guys made for a very happy evening!

Hope your week was great