A Tuesday Trip

Hi All!

So today I took my self on a wee roadtrip (does a 1 hour drive count as a roadtrip? I say yes…) out of Auckland and down to the wee town of Waiuku, south of Auckland on the West Coast kinda. This is where 1 half of my rather extensive family lives (mum, nana, Mr 19, Miss 17 and Mr 15) along with their very large menagerie of animals. This is all in one rather moderate house by the way. It is always chaos but a chaos that I love and miss like crazy!

So today entailed:

  • a visit to some of the great opshops in Waiuku that sell great clothes and books at ridiculously low prices that you would never see up here in Auckland
  • a chance to briefly catch up with my amazing sister who is such a generous soul and who really lights up a room when she enters. How am I related to such an amazing human being? Equally amazing is Mr 19, my talented artist of a brother (though he refuses to admit it) and who makes me very jealous with his beautiful tattoo! Mr 15 (already waaayy taller than me despite being 6 years younger) was at school (that is a good thing) and so¬†unfortunately¬†no catch up with him :( Next time!
  • a “Come Dine With Me” session with Mum and Nana! Seriously, my day is pretty much perfect as long as Come Dine With Me is involved.
  • a coffee and cake cafe visit filled with the usual laughs and craziness that is inherent in our family dynamics
  • my sister’s first parallel park!!! And it was amazing! I remember my first (not that long ago as I kept putting the whole thing off) and it was terrifying so seeing her get it perfect on the first go made me so proud (doesn’t help with a stressed out mum in passenger seat I might add-hence why I hesitate to drive with my Mum)
  • a beautiful drive through the farms and countryside, a treat for an aucklander who’s driving consists of traffic and near death experiences
  • Lots and lots of adorable animals (see below photos for a SMALL selection…seriously this isn’t even half of them)

and more! This is why I love and hate visiting my family in Waiuku, I leave with a smile on my face but I leave wishing I didn’t always have too. One day is never enough time to catch up with family. Anyway, I shall leave you with some photos!

Miss 17 being attacked with love by Digby…

Sugar (A dangerously cute cat…)

Cookie (bear)

Digby (the man of the house)

All the books I got today for a grand total of $5

Syd – One of Nana’s two boys

Although a bit shy I had to include Sanchez, Mum’s slightly blind and unfriendly cat…a softy at heart though I hear

The countryside!