Adventures of a Bride to Be … intro!

Hi All!

So something a little different today, on February 17th (smack bang middle of summer in NZ!). My wonderful Fiancee (Edd) and I are getting married after 6 years of dating! I am so excited and can’t wait to be a ‘Wife’! So every now and again I would love to do some posts on the whole process of getting married!

Firstly here are the basics:

  1. Its a small wedding (about 50 people) starting around 3pm and going through dinner and as late as people want to stay and celebrate!
  2. Its french/vintage in theme! This excites me so much as I love vintage french and the whole rustic feel allows more room for error :p. This theme will incorporate lots of lace if I can figure out how haha.
  3. It will also be mainly held outside if the summer weather behaves itself
  4. The colour scheme is blue and gold *swoon*
  5. I aim (aim!) to do the wedding cupcakes myself along with help from family and friends. Ambitious yes but I would love to be involved in as much as is possible without losing my mind! I will share my cupcake adventure in finding the right recipes etc on here!
  6. I also hope that I can get creative with DIY stuff but this is a tad challenging for me. I will again share any ideas I have or things we do but would love inspiration from any of you! Or links to your DIY! Help a fellow stressed bride out? 😛
  7. my dress though not yet found is pretty much decided on in my mind! I will share my wedding dress ideas and inspirations in a separate post!
  8. the most important thing for me is getting my family together! I can’t wait to share this moment with everybody and although it won’t be the most fancy or elegant wedding it will be mine!

So I hope you all enjoy some snippets of my wedding planning process. Whilst I am not finding the planning easy whilst swamped at Uni I have faith that with some determination and help from friends and family the day will be perfect for me! (okay maybe not perfect but not far off!)


p.s. in case anyone is interested I love to use pinterest to gather up ideas so follow along if you wish right here

p.p.s. thanks to Mish for the name suggestion :) See her blog here:

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  • Michelle † (@ShellBelleDoll)

    It sounds like it will be a beautiful wedding!! Vintage is always stunning! It is so cool you want to be involved as much as possible! How will you be displaying your cupcakes? Ahhh I loved this post soo much! I cant wait to read more! Keep em coming! <3

    • myfoxycorner

      Haha some people think I am crazy for trying to do the cupcakes but with a little help from family I think we can do it! If you were in NZ I would totally rope you into helping haha!! I would like to display them on a vintage cake stand if I can find a cheap one or two but also thinking about buying some vintage plates and making one myself. Seen a couple of online tutorials…. let me know if you see any cheapish multi layered cake stands!

  • eniola folarin

    Lucky you! You get to have a small wedding. Such a thing does not exist in the Nigerian dictionary. Basically your wedding day is the day to meet all the relatives (and non-relatives) you never knew existed. I’ve already decided that when my time comes its definitely going to be an on-location one. All the best :) x

    • myfoxycorner

      Really? I think my Mum would want me to have a wedding like that! She wants everybody and their neighbour to come along haha. Thanks for stopping by! :)