September’s Random Favorites


Hi All

So after posting my September Beauty Favorites I thought I would share some other favorites this month that I felt deserved a mention :) Get ready for a wee bit of randomness.

1. My Favorite “Arm Candy”

So basically these three bracelets/bangles have been my main jewelry accessories that I have been loving other than the rings/necklace I don’t really change up. The two gold and faux leather bangles are from Rubi Shoes (an Australian store that luckily is also here in Auckland). These were 2 for $10 and I think they were well worth it for all their wear. The other bauble bracelet has gold balls with brown material and was bought from Lovisa as a three items for $10 deal.

2. Wonka Sweetarts

Hi, my name is Lizzy and I am addicted to lollies. Yup, I have a sugar problem and I hereby blame my parents for restricting my lolly intake and causing a dysfunctional sugar relationship now no-one can keep me under control. These are $5 for a huge pack from various lolly shops and dairies around Auckland. I love them because they are sweet but have a tartness to them (weren’t expecting that were you?!) and are one of my favorite sweet things. I would have shown you the actual product but whilst taking photos I may have finished them off…maybe.

3. Dilmah Green Tea with Moroccan Mint

So I am a tea fiend and this month has featured a delicious minty green tea. I drank a huge pot of this every day and savored every drop. I think this brand is like $2.79 on special from Countdown (NZ Supermarket) for 20 bags. Definitely an affordable tea (yay!)

4. Fat Boy Thai

Ok so this is a takeaway shop 5 minutes drive away from us that we have been frequenting far too often for our budget. Their food is Thai (obviously) and is hands down my favorite thai itakeaways I’ve tried. Their mains are $12.50 each which is moderate but keep in mind the quantities are pretty huge and the food always tastes fresh and high quality. Pictured above are two of my favorite dishes by them: their red chicken curry and the crispy chicken with kaffir lime sauce. Getting thai cravings just looking at this…

Here’s there details for any fellow Aucklanders: 164 Sandringham Road Sandringham (09) 360 1615

5. iPhone App: Kingdom Rush

Okay so this one is a tad embarrassing. My 4 year old brother loves to play games on my ph when we’re driving around so on his request I downloaded this and stupidly decided to play it when I was bored one afternoon. An hour later when my ph ran out of battery I realized I had a problem. I love playing this when I have some time to waste or even during the times I really shouldn’t be wasting. This is a tower defense game where you build towers of differing sorts to defend your kingdom against a variety of evil bad guys who seem pretty intent on getting in. I’m not usually a tower defense person but after enjoying this so much I may have to revisit some other popular ones. Oh, and did I mention it’s free at the moment?

What random things have you been loving this month?

  • Karen

    Nicely done. I’ve downloaded the app and played the game and its not too bad (I haven’t spent very much time playing it). I like the Morrocan Mint tea (your Instagram pic) reminded me to put it on my shopping list. Cheers.