Made Me Smile

Hi All!

The day is slipping away on me as usual so here is what made me smile last week :)

Fat Boy Thai… and more specifically their amazing crispy kaffir lime chicken mmmm

Slowly improving my braiding skills yay! Still have to do it on the side though :(

Cuddles at home with Callie

My new favorite red lipstick and I heading through the city after Uni for an awesome Friday night out yay!

Lattes that should always be this big

Vegie and Feta tart at Devonport Deli, a great cafe in Auckland!

Weekend playground trips for Mr 4

Our Sunday spent at North Head in Devonport, exploring the old army tunnels and soaking up the amazing views of Rangitoto Island and …

….looking over to Auckland City

Mr 4 had a great time getting lost and a wee bit scared in the dark maze of tunnels within the hill. What me? Scared? Pfft

And then what would a trip to a giant hill be without some hill sliding! (Is there a better name for it?)

It felt very high when we were waiting to slide down from the top :) So much fun! I haven’t done this for over 5 years and can’t wait to go more during the warmer weekends!

So that’s it! My week in smiles :) Tomorrow is Edd’s graduation for his BSc so that will be a fun day!

Hope your week has been full of smiles too


p.s. send prayers and well wishes for Callie the Cat! She is not well and seems to have hurt her tail pretty bad. Apart from still being very keen for a cuddle (as pictured above) she just sleeps under our bed all day and doesn’t seem to be able to move her tail at all. Hate seeing her so miserable! If she’s still sick we’ll have to take her to the vet but I am putting it off just because she finds that a traumatic experience in itself. So get well soon Callie!