Made Me Smile

Hi All!

Hope your weekend was great and that monday either has treated you well (or is currently…timezones are confusing).

Here was what made me smile last week :)

Graduation! Edd graduated on Tuesday from his Bachelor of Science so it was great for him to get some acknowledgement for 3 years of hell. For me it was nice to have a short break from Uni work and take time to celebrate!

One of my favorite photos post graduation of Edd’s Mum and us! My Mum also came along to support cause she’s lovely like that! Also how awesome is my (future) mother-in-law’s pink hair? Totally suits her amazing personality

So sad person that I am a highlight of my week was trying some new tea… that’s okay right? This is a new brand (or rather an extension of the brand that I normally drink) that I love! And the other flavours in this range all sound equally delicious! I can’t wait to get more 😀

Soaking up some spring sunshine in Albert Park

Friday night was belated celebration dinner for Edd at our favorite place to eat in Auckland, Ken Yakatori! I loved the food so much I did a whole post on it right here!

Photoshoot with Flick (Dad’s cat)…I feel like it looks like she’s blowing her nose in this one haha.

Playing Cluedo! This is such a fun game despite the fact that I never win. I’d be a terrible detective

And the last highlight was these morsels of deliciousness. Mr Sunday Me, Mr 10 and Mr very nearly 5 made these oaty choc chip cookies and they turned out amazing! I’m not a big cookie person but homemade ones are pretty drool-worthy.

So there’s my week in smiles :)

Mini-Callie update – sadly we came home today from Uni/work and after seeming a lot better over the weekend her tail seemed worse and with some hair having fallen off the damage was more visible. Obviously we took her straight to the vets and so tonight she is spending the night in a wee cage (my heart bleeds!) and tomorrow she is getting a tail amputation! Tomorrow night I shall be picking up my poor stumpy kitty and hopefully she will be much happier afterwards. All in all I am pretty upset and stressed :( But her tail was crushed so whatever crushed it could easily have had much more serious results. Send her all your mental cuddles! And yup, I love my cat more than is most likely healthy. She’s my baby…