Made Me Smile…Kinda

Hi All!

So this week has mainly consisted of vet trips, vet bills, angry kitty, annoying kitty, sad kitty, keeps me up at night kitty and so on with a not so small side of assignments. You get the picture. The bad news was that Monday night Callie had to go to the vets and she had her tail amputated Tuesday. The good news is that she can start healing (with one of those ridiculously annoying collars around her neck) and getting back to normal. Not my most favorite week. Here are the highlights :)

Callie’s little shaven arm spot where she had her injections. Weird right? I just love the contrast  between fluffy and smooth haha. Her whole back and butt area is also shaved and looks rather unflattering at the moment (but don’t tell her I said so…)

Wedding invites arrived! This is the outside but let me tell you, the inside is absolute perfection! I may share in upcoming bride related post. Side note… The lady who did them had a spelling mistake in the address. Now I am torn up whether I should ask her to redo the main card piece and I can re-wrap. I hate feeling like the bad guy and so am trying to reason myself into keeping them as they are but twenty years or now will it matter when I’m reminiscing with one of the invites or showing the kids or something? I dunno, maybe I’m over analysing a slight mistake. If she had asked me to check them then I would take full responsibility but she never asked me to spell check and I just glanced at the design. Any tips?

Being a recovering wee kitty has meant many study time cuddles which is always fine by me. I love this photo cause her paws look so funny 😛 Also, sleep time is the only time she seems to forget about her collar funnily enough.

So a big highlight of my week was heading out to the Howick Wedding Show on Saturday! For a $2 entry I got a pretty good goody bag with a bunch of slightly odd but highly useful products and chocolates. At the show Edd and I met a celebrant who we totally clicked with so that was very promising. Also got to try some cupcakes which is always a bonus!

Sunday with the boys, we went to visit our Cousins (along with the Aunty and Uncle) and had a lovely time. All the children just go crazy for the hours we are there. Like non-stop running and screaming with constant crying from injuries followed 5 minutes later with more hysterical play time. Children are a constant source of surprise. Oh and this fluffy thing is Snowy, their lovely dog who is such a timid wee thing but loves cuddles with Edd (don’t we all?)

And I shall leave you with this…My newly (fake) tattooed Mr 4 brother. He loves getting inked (lol) and we found a whole pad of tattoos for only $2. He wanted this skeleton on his forehead and it took rather a lot of convincing and debating to remind him that his Kindy would probably have a problem with that. This is his threatening face he pulled when I asked him to get into character 😛 I tremble in my boots!