Made Me Smile


Hi All,

So putting up this post was a bit of a challenge and I wasn’t planning on doing it at all but figured I would push through and throw up a few snapshots from this week.  Had an exam this afternoon that didn’t go very well at all. Most likely passed but was a generally unpleasant experience. Totally my fault and so I felt like crap all evening haha. Anyway, after some pizza and reassuring words/cuddles from Edd I feel a bit better. Anyway….here’s my week in smiles :)

So first up this week I ventured into the world of self-saucing puddings with this Ginger and Toffee self-saucing pudd. I have never thought these would work very well (at least not with my skill set) however after a twitterer tweeted she had succeeded and passed on the recipe to me which seemed unrealistically easy I figured what the heck? Plus, it was an excuse to stop studying for twenty minutes! This isn’t hugely attractive, I know, but trust me the taste was incredible!!! Very gingery so beware if you don’t want a ginger slap in the face but I loved it. Will definitely be made again although I may attempt a chocolate pudding first.

Sleepy morning sleep-ins with Callie. Need I say more?

So I was supposed to make some dinner but got carried away with photos with my October favorites so Edd took over and made this amazing butter chicken curry (with peas cause I need my frozen veggies!). The most Indian restaurant quality curry we’ve made at home. Thanks Edd!! Nomnom!

Wednesday night was Halloween of course and Edd and I went to Spookers (a haunted attraction type of thing) along with our old flatmate and a couple of her friends. It was terrifying and my throat was sore from screaming so much but definitely an adrenaline filled fun night. Here is the only photo of moi with one of the lovely dudes wandering around the grounds of the old mental institution. He was pretty friendly but the worms in his nose were a little off putting.

Sunday with my lovely brothers involved a school gala! I seriously love school galas. Seriously. This was Mr 5’s favorite thing, a giant blow up obstacle course. His little legs powered through this like nobodies business!

My favorite thing at the Gala was this rainbow slushy. How old am I again?

Aaand I’ll leave you with a kitty shot from Miss Flick (dad’s cat) in all her glorious sleepiness. She’s much more vicious when awake…