Friday’s Letters: Life is Precious


Dear Fox Mug: You and me were meant to be! I hope you will enjoy the daily tea sessions you and I shall share in the future. Dear Neuroscience exam: You got me good. I stuffed up studywise and felt the ramifications in one of my most horrible exams to date. I just hope I wrote enough crap down to pass you and move on with my life. Dear Edd: Thanks for buying me an early Christmas present! My skin is gonna felt like silk with all these dead sea mineral salt scrubs and what not! Woo! Dear Mum: Thanks for letting me come down to Waiuku and spend the day opshopping to forget about the previous days terror of an exam. And thanks for not acting like I shoulda done better :) Your constant support means the world. Dear Sister: I have so much love for you especially after you spent the day looking after me at blood tests and CT scans! Sometimes I forget you are the younger one, you are so calm and collected, quite unlike myself. Dear Peanut Butter and Cream Cheese Icing: Why you taste so good? Dear Nail Polish: I don”t know why but you are chipping a lot more than usual…Am I doing something wrong here?  Dear Life: After hearing about a death at the University this week I am feeling so blessed to be alive. No matter the stress of Uni and horrible horrible exams I have a life full of people who love and support me and for that I am so thankful. I know not everyone is so lucky and I just hope people know there is help for those who need it. Life is precious and I hope I remember that for as long as I am lucky enough to be alive.