Friday’s Letters: A lack of foxes


Dear Callie: I love but sometimes your a bit creepy. Like when I wake up to you staring at me on my shoulder… Dear Mum: It is always so lovely to see you for lunch and much needed catch-ups. I love that you and me are like best friends and that we can both off load on to each other! Dear Summer: We get it. You were great this year but I actually wouldn’t mind if it cooled down a little more so I can start wearing fox jumpers again. I know I will regret saying this when it rains every day and I long for your sunshine but right now I just want to wear autumn nail polish! Dear Self: We have to get back into a better gym/healthy eating routine ASAP! It’s hard with a new job and unpredictable hours but its up to us to make time and strop procrastinating. Dear Universe: Thank you for giving me such kind and generous friends! Dear New Zealand: Why no foxes?! I would live here forever if it wasn’t for a blatant lack of bushy red tails. Kiwis and Tuataras aren’t quite the same thing. Dear Edd: This year is pretty exciting in terms of our holiday that awaits us at the end of it! I can’t wait to spend two months exploring the UK and Europe with you. Until then it means spending nights apart while I do night shifts and that kind of sucks :( But we have the rest of our lives together so we’ll cope! Dear iPad (mini): I want you but I don’t really want your price tag. But more importantly I want you. Dear Mr 11: Have fun at camp! It was always the highlight of school for me and I know you will have an awesome time.