Friday’s Letters: Let the Feijoa season begin!


Dear Feijoas: you are amazing incredible fruits and I am in heaven being able to bring a bag home from work with me most days!! I can’t wait to share some amazing feijoa recipes I have found on here! Dear movies: There is something so fun and comforting of sitting in a dark cinema with popcorn and ice cream that I don’t even really care what movie I happen to be watching. Having said that, Oblivion which I watched last night was rather enjoyable. Dear Edd: this week dragged on for us both but I enjoy our early mornings together before we head off for work, cuddling Callie and mentally preparing ourselves for the day ahead. Thanks for being my husband. Dear Mum: I’m so glad I’m not the only crazy one!! Your secret is safe with me! P.s I love working with you occasionally even if you are insane haha. Dear Callie: I love you, I love your nose, I love your bob tail and I love how now it is getting colder you are getting under the blankets. Your so cozy!! Dear Weekend: So relieved your are now upon us although I am NOT looking forward to the insane timetable of next week with three jobs and a job interview. Chaos!

  • wtmontana

    WHAT is a Feijoa, my dear. Yes, love movies too. Partners are the bomb. Mums are the coolest. Pets are the best. Weekend is gonna be amazing simply because I’m sleeping in on Sunday. I’m so doing this just now babe 😀

    • myfoxycorner

      Omg feijoas are my favorite fruit ever!! But they seem to be mainly an NZ thing :-( hope you have a wonderful weekend beautiful!!

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