Tuesday’s Top 10 Ways I Relax


1. Light a candle and meditate (I am terrible at real meditation but trying is still relaxing. Thinking of nothing is really hard!).

2. Face masks. Usually hydrating ones, especially at this time of the year. Forces me to sit for ten minutes and chill.

3. Bake cupcakes, bake cookies, bake brownies. Just bake. With some music that I can sing along terribly to.

4. Paint my nails. I do this 3 times a week and love taking an hour out of my day to take care of my nails with a manicure whilst watching YouTube videos in the background.

5. Take a really long, hot shower. If I could I would take a bath with a bunch of Lush products but being in my current cupboard flat a shower is the next best thing.

6. Drink tea. This is another common occurrence but having a big pot of herbal tea when I come home after work instantly calms me down and makes me feel more relaxed.

7. Clean…I can’t be the only one who stress cleans right? I don’t know why the only time I enjoy cleaning is when I am stressed but I find it very effective to offload with a bunch of cleaning products, a free weekend and some noisy music.

8. Read. The one thing I have always done since I can remember to relax and escape from the real world was read fiction. It still remains he easiest way for me to escape reality and remove myself from the stresses of daily life.

9. Exercise. It doesn’t have to be anything intense, anything from a session at the local gym to a long, slow walk through he neighbourhood at dusk rejuvenates me and is especially good for settling my sleep patterns.

10. Cat cuddles. Even if Callie isn’t willing I can usually coax her into a brief cuddle session and nothing works better than some feline love. Thanks Callie xx

How do you relax and unwind after a stressful day?

  • http://www.zygomaticfiend.wordpress.com wtmontana

    I miss long hot steaming baths! Something to look forward to at least! Along with candles and long hot showers.
    I read, or sleep haha. Sometimes I go to a movie by myself. Or catch up with friends. Reading has always relaxed me.