Inside My Mind


So this is a “thoughts of the week” sort of post and an excuse for my to ramble without needing to form a coherent post and slip in a few low quality/highly filtered instagram photos. Seatbelts on?

I am obsessed with Lorde’s new album; Pure Heroine. I love it even more than I loved her EP because it is mellow and still has a running beat, almost like a pulse, that creates an almost hypnotic effect. Go listen. Now. Spoiler alert: this song is amazing.

Cronuts. Enough said. Actually maybe not. I may have to write a post dedicated to this high calorie treat straight from the food fusion heavens. Although this writer is not so keen (and does it no justice).

I am scared to go to Pub Quiz this week because we have won the $100 bar tab the last two weeks straight so I am both scared we will a)) win again and everyone will hate us or b) lose miserably and face shame and disappointment. Its a lose lose situation.

I am so behind in Breaking Bad (only on season 3 I think) and super terrified someone will spoil what happens in the final season. Same thing I was scared about with the Dexter finale a couple of weeks ago. Luckily the most I heard through social media was that the finale was kind of crap so that wasn’t too bad.

I think I may have eaten too much BurgerFuel recently and now I feel a little queasy whenever anyone mentions it (which I thought was impossible). This may be good for both my wallet and my health. Their aioli is still the best thing ever though.

This Sunday just gone I made some Mississippi mud cookies with my little brothers and I am rather excited to share the recipe with you because they may be my favorite cookies.


Keeping on the track of food I went to Barilla for the first time ever and not being much of a dumpling person I was still blown away by how delicious and yet affordable everything was (our group ended up spending $10 each which is nothing short of a miracle). Going back to eat 100 plates of their fried french beans is high on my list of things to do.

Today I finally found a long lost makeup bag that held a bunch of essentials including my brow-zings kit by Benefit (which I almost cried over when I thought I had lost it) and my favorite Maybelline vivids lipstick in Vivid Rose which I have been so close to repurchasing under the assumption it was lost. The makeup bag wasn’t even anywhere weird, just in a plastic bag in the lounge. How I missed that for weeks and weeks I am unsure but for me this isn’t really a surprise.

I want to watch The Mindy Project. Everyone keeps raving about it and I feel left out. Lately my TV show of choice has been Green Wing (which I adore).

I am currently reading the Tomorrow When the War Began series which I started when I was younger but never got far through. I forgot how amazing the series is. Its the first time in a while where I find it close to impossible to put the book down and go to sleep.

I finally went down to T2 on Queen Street and as expected was overcome with amazing delicious teas and beautiful walls of teacups and teapots that I wanted to take home. I find it hard to justify $20 on a box of tea but couldn’t resist picking up a box of my favourite Turkish apple tea. Along with it I was given a couple of samples to mix with the Apple tea and my favourite (and one I may pick up next time) is the Southern Sunrise (a delicious combo of Grapefruit and Lemongrass).


Last of all, this month as well as making a triumphant return to the gym (we hope) I am also going to attempt a little challenge I saw on Twitter the other day that works up a bunch of core activities. I thought it would be good, especially for when I miss the gym, to have a shorter routine that I also do. I’ll let you know how it goes.