Tea Time: Worth a Splurge

Hi All!

So today is time for another brief tea post on the two more pricey teas that I currently am enjoying. Tea is my lifesaver at the end of a hard day. My rescue remedy when I am freaking out. Tea is to me like waffles are to Lesley Knope. Hence, every once in a while I don’t mind spending what most people probably consider a ridiculous amount of money on a box of tea. Normally I stick to the $4 approx supermarket tea options however these two were more at the $20 range (which even to me seems a little silly. I would still buy them though).


1, T2 Turkish Apple
So if I had to choose one tea to drink forever this would be right up there fighting for first place. This is an instant flavoured tisane and is basically just a delicious flavoured sugar. So not the healthiest. I compare it to raro for adults and it is similar in that I could eat this stuff by the spoonful, no hot water needed. However at $22 a box this is a very rare occaision. This is my treat tea but also is an excellent way to sweeten up other herbal teas. When I bought this from the Queen Street T2 store (which has some rather lovely staff!) I was given a couple of samples that I could try mixed with a little Turkish apple. My favourite was the Southern Sunrise (a lemongrass and grapefruit combo) which paired wonderfully with the sweet apple. Delicious and one I would keep spending too much money on. T2 can be bought in NZ at the brand new beautiful Queen street store or ordered online on their website.

2. Harney & Sons Fruit Tea Peach
This is a new brand of tea for me and one I encountered at the Auckland food show. I believe this box was only $10 but normally their teas are a little more expensive at around $15. They have a huge range and you find these in some more boutique Auckland stores such as Smith and Caughies or online at their website. This is a loose fruit tea that smells incredible. Basically made up on dried fruit such as peach, rosehips, apple and hibiscus the tea goes a long way with strong flavour and a beautiful aroma. Don’t use too much as this can easily get overbearing however done right this tea is gorgeous and makes some of the nicest iced tea I ¬†know.

So overall I guess this post was to make me feel better about spending more than normal on tea but everyone needs a treat every now and again and tea is a relatively harmless one (unless you are eating the sugar by the spoonfull). What are your splurges?