My Final Foxy Reading Corner 2013 #45-50!

Hey Guys!

So I am very happy to end the year with the completion of the 50 books for 2013 challenge (all tracked through one of my favourite websites of 2013, Goodreads!). I really enjoyed doing this challenge and it forced me to keep on top of my reading which sometimes I forget about and ignore for months on end. I’m not sure what kind of reading goal I will set for 2014, probably not a quantity based one purely because it meant I often ended up ignoring the longer books that I wanted to read (I’m looking at you Game of Thrones which I never got around to finishing :( ). So maybe a quality versus quantity take on reading for next year…let me know if you have any ideas!

Anyway, here are my final 5 books for 2013!

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45. Mindbend by Robin Cook

I’m pretty sure I have read this one before but it didn’t stop me from enjoying this 1985 medical thriller that was easy to get hooked into and fast paced. The plot revolves around abortions, suspicious medical cruises and a young, confused couple. A fun read as I expect with classic Cook. 4 Stars

46. Death Benefit by Robin Cook

I ended up reading two of these in a row however this more modern novel by Robin Cook I didn’t enjoy as much as the previous. The characters were interesting but it was more of a challenge to stay interested in the first third of the novel before it got to the mystery murders. The science side of these novels I love but the plot was a little slower than I like and made for a more average read. 3 Stars

47. Looking for Alaska by John Green

After reading Fault in our stars I knew I would both enjoy and hate reading another book by John Green. Enjoy its incredible story and characters that are well written and so incredibly believable but hate the tragedy that I knew was to be expected. This YA novel didn’t disappoint. Full of quotes that I just wanted to tattoo into my skin so I would never forget and relationships that were complex and beautiful I couldn’t help but love this book just like I loved Fault in our stars. 5 Stars

48. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Yet another incredible book to finish the year on. This novel focused on a n friendship that ended in tragic circumstances and the life of a young Afghan boy who grew up in a world of turmoil. At times this was hard to read due to the continuously awful events that just kept occurring but the masterful writing simultaneously made this impossible to put down. A powerful book and I look forward to reading more of Hosseini’s work. 5 Stars

49. The Dead of the Night by John Marsden

This is the second book in the Tomorrow series about an Australian invasion and a group of Kids trying to make a difference whilst surviving through the chaos. I definitely enjoyed the sequel and the character development it brought with it. A fast paced, easy read with a group of quite different characters in some pretty extraordinary circumstances. Very enjoyable just as I hope the rest of the series will be. 4 Stars

50. The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen

By now it’s obvious I enjoy Tess Gerritsen but somehow I had never read this book which was the first in the Maura and Isles series. A typically fast paced and gripping thriller that was a reliable and satisfying end to the challenge (albeit nothing ground breaking). 4 Stars

Well there we have it! To be honest at the end I wasn’t sure I would finish the challenge but it is nice to finally complete something (I am one of those people who never finish anything, apart from a good book). What were my favourite reads of the year? Wait for my Best of 2013 wrap up to find out!

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