February Favourites

Hi All,

Happy March! February is my favourite month of the year as it includes lots of my favourite things; Valentines Day, my wedding anniversary and my Birthday. Couldn’t get much better than that. The only downside to all that awesomeness is that the month is also super chaotic and leaves little time for blogging.

So to start off March, I thought I would cover a few of the things I enjoyed using throughout the last month (and more).

DSC_62371. Makeup Forever Diamond Shadow

I don’t know if I am missing part of this eye shadow’s name but regardless I love it. This single eye shadow has been one that I constantly pull out to add a little shimmer to a basic eye look. Its a shimmery nude/gold shade and looks gorgeous with some darker matte colours in the crease. The pigmentation is pretty good and even better when layered on top of a cream base. I have no idea how to buy this in NZ as I had this brought back to me from the USA a while ago (thanks Mum!).

2. Dot by Marc Jacobs

I swear Marc Jacobs perfume can do no wrong. I got a couple of these smaller sized perfumes for Christmas and they are perfect for throwing in the handbag and using as a top up throughout the day. This has been my favourite this month, with a fruity floral top note (think juicy berries and honeysuckle) and a more musky, vanilla and coconut undertone. It’s fresh and perfect for the warmer weather. Wear time isn’t ages (a few hours or more) but with this little guy that isn’t really an issue for me. I am definitely eyeing up the 100mL

3. Revlon Balm Stain in Honey

I have had this in a favourites post before but I can’t help but mention it again…considering it is one of the first lip products I have ever finished and repurchased without any time in between. I love this balm stain, it is definitely my go to lip product and is a constant feature in my handbag. Easy to apply (no mirrow required), moisturizing, minty and the perfect my lips but better colour. I couldn’t ask for more.

4. Pure Fiji Hydrating Body Lotion in Guava

Pure Fiji are a skin care brand that I can’t get enough of, all of their scents are mind blowingly delicious and they are super hydrating. This body lotion is my emergency stash that I keep in my handbag for when dry skin attacks (which is more often than I would like). The scent is delicious and fruity and the texture is moisturizing without being greasy. These gorgeous products can be bought online here¬†and I have my eye on the Coconut Sugar Rub next.

5. Mac Lustre Lipstick in Sweetie

Obviously this month was a bit of a sucker for a good “my lips but better” shade as this new purchase from Mac has been another great contender. It was my first Lustre finish by Mac and I love the subtle shimmer that brings this neutral pink/mauve shade to life. It is a slightly purple toned pink that works perfect with any makeup looks. Lasting time is average as it is a bit on the sheer side but it is such a breeze to reapply that I don’t mind too much. The other thing I love is how light it is on the lips (doesn’t feel like you are wearing any lipstick at all).

6. Rose Jam Shower Gel by Lush

So I saved my favourite product of the month for last. I have already used up one lot of this shower gel and luckily was able to move on to a big back up I bought at Christmas time. Unfortunately, my favourite shower gel by Lush is a Christmas only affair, but here is a 10 month pre-warning for you to pick it up as soon as it comes back. The scent of creamy vanilla and rose are a combination made in heaven. I use this every night before bed and it makes me feel like I am wrapped up in Turkish Delight (mmmm sticky). Seriously good stuff and you need some in your life. Also lathers extremely well which I appreciate as it means I can ration it out for longer. Oh and did I mention that this is awesome used as shampoo…I don’t know if it is supposed to but sometimes I can’t resist lathering my hair up in its delicious scent and the next day my hair feels better than ever. They don’t have this in stock at the moment (sob) but try any of their other shower gels and I doubt you will be dissapointed.

So February was a good month, not only did it feature some of my favourite dates of the year, it was also a month of appreciation for some holy grail products that I know I will feature a lot in the rest of 2014 (which is speeding along terrifyingly fast). What products have you been enjoying lately?

Lizzy Xx