Give Thanks and Praises

Things I am thankful for:

  1. Family, they may be crazy but they help me feel like my own craziness comes from a happy place
  2. Memories of Paris and Venice (and so many other amazing places) that get me through the good days and the bad
  3. Flatmates who cook the most delicious meals when I am too tired to pick up the phone and order takeaways
  4. A good night’s sleep and the lack of an alarm clock
  5. Tea deliveries. ‘Nuff said
  6. America’s next top model. Haters gonna hate, I’m going to watch this show until its death because I can
  7. Animals. I may not have any of my own right now, but my cat charming skills get a good workout in this neighbourhood
  8. A job that pays the rent and also helps with unexpected costs that could be more stressful then they are
  9. Friends who are there all day, every day and the constant surprise I feel at getting to hang out with such amazing people
  10. Christmas. Christmas. Tinsel. Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving xxxx