Friday’s letters: Silver Linings

Dear Merlin: I know it’s probably just cause your freezing, but I love how cuddly you have been. Thanks for being my purring hot water bottle and for giving me countless play wounds.

Dear Crochet: I’m getting there, but it feels like I am taking the tiniest baby steps possible. I feel like a baby would probably learn how to crochet faster than me. Not giving up, I just may be some time

Dear Florence and the Machine: I have been looking forward to your new album for months. This weekend is going to have one very satisfying soundtrack.

Dear Brother: I still remember when you were just a baby and I felt this instant connection with you and your chubby cheeks.  You’ll always be my baby brother, even though you are now far taller than me, and have become such an incredible young man. Love you, no matter what.

Dear Colleagues (who buy me flowers when I break down at work): I don’t know if you realise how special you are.

Dear Orange is the New Black: you are just as amazing as everyone says you are, and I’m struggling to stick to my no-TV bingeing rule.

Dear Muscle Class: being in so much pain has never felt so satisfying as after a Saturday morning class. See you tomorrow at 8am, il be the sweaty, puffy one at the back lifting the smallest weights but making the biggest deal over it.

Dear Self: Your allowed a bad day every once in a while, when you eat some crappy slice full of sugar and then get into bed and refuse to come out. Give yourself a break, take some time out, acknowledge that some days can suck, some things aren’t solved by a silver lining and certain situations are supposed to make you cry. Life isn’t a Pinterest quote 100% of the time.

Dear UK: I miss you and your stony beaches, and your moody skies.

Friday's Letters

  • Corrine/Frock And Roll

    Love your letters and love your new online home, Lizzy! It looks wonderful!