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A Glimpse into My Foxy Christmas

Hey Guys!

So as this year draws to a close I wanted to share a few photos from my rather hectic Christmas day. We have our Christmas routine down to a science now and I kind of love it. It involves 3 families, a few animals, lots of driving but also lots of presents and as the photos will show too much food. Also, thanks to my husband for all these awesome photos. I was far too busy eating.


I love a Christmas tree with mountains of presents underneath. Best sight ever.


Does anyone else get sad thinking of the moment all the decorations are packed away?


Oooo Blurry lights….so arty


I think my favourite part of Christmas is all the nibbles. Cheese and salami and crackers, Oh my!


I also love bringing blue cheese to parties cause no one else likes it which leaves more for me!


That face.


Spider is not impressed by Christmas. Not at all.


A day of family means wine is a necessity. Just kidding. But not really.


Meet cookie the devoted yet extremely scruffy jack russell.


Each time I spell Poinsettia correctly I give myself an invisible pat on the back.


Watching kids open presents can be extremely satisfying. The end result is a wrapping paper bomb site.


A better combination than tomatoes and fresh basil does not exist. Except maybe peanut butter and jam.


A fresh take on an old classic (Waldorf salad)


This salad was amazing. I was fed so much good food its not even funny.


The best part about a Kiwi Christmas? The ham.


This had whiskey in its glaze. It was fantastic.


Okay I spoke to soon…The pavlova makes a worthy competitor for the ham. It wouldn’t be Christmas without one.

Our Christmas also involved turkey, a very cute baby, pancakes, our car deciding to break yet again, terrible Christmas jokes*, a hilarious game to end the evening and a game of mini golf to round off boxing day (which I very much won, highest is best right?).

What did your Christmas entail?

*My personal favourite: What do you get if you eat Christmas decorations? Tinsilitis! (okay, its funnier with a couple of glasses of wine I admit)

Made Me Smile…running late

Hi All!

So I am often running late in life and this post is no exception. I’m sure you were absolutely devastated that I didn’t post this yesterday (! ;)) but I thought Tuesday would do. Looking after my 2 youngest brothers and the animals whilst my Dad and Step-Mum are in New York has been tiring and taken over most aspects of my life including blogging and makeup (which I haven’t touched all week, oops). Here was last week in smiles :)

Edd and Tilly napping after a long tiring day. What a pair of cuties.

Mid-week I got my SampleBar box which was a lovely addition to my day and I was rather pleased with the contents which you can read all about right here.

This is Flick and Tilly and they don’t share much love so this rare moment of happy eating had to captured as photographic proof that food is pretty awesome for bringing people together.

Saturday Night Edd and I went with his family to see the Mary Poppins stage musical in Auckland as a birthday present for his Mum. It was pretty incredible and I was smiling for almost every minute. Definitely recommend to everyone as we all enjoyed it immensely.

Seeing Callie clean her face like this makes me smile/giggle uncontrollably. Seriously, it’s kind of a problem especially in the middle of the night when Callie does this and I can’t help but giggle. Needless to say Edd wakes up pretty confused. I thought I would stop eventually but I have come to accept my brain just literally cannot accept all the cuteness. P.s. I miss Callie and can’t wait to go home to her at the end of this week :)

Amazing clouds in the sky captured mid-evening at a School art exhibition the boys and I trooped along to. Mr 5 was stoked at being able to play on the school playground at 7.30 pm instead of having to get ready for bed and was exhausted the next day haha.

Doggy Kisses. Need I say more?

Other things that made me smile this week: Passing every course for last semester with another strong A- average which I was pretty content to finish on. Soy chai lattes which are incredibly delicious despite me refusing to drink soy milk as a child. Cupcake day at School. Mr 5 being the best swimmer in his swimming class (I felt so proud I could have burst!). Dog walks in the hot sun that means it is almost summer. Making small but steady progress on Wedding planning.

Hope everyone enjoyed their week :)


Friday’s Letters

Another Friday, another bunch of letters, boy these weeks are going past so fast!

Dear Neighbours: Please stop blocking our shared driveway with 4 of your cars. Makes it very hard and stressful in the early mornings to get my 1 little mazda out without scratching anything and I know for a fact my car is worth a lot less than yours. Dear Cupcakes: Can’t wait to start baking you again! Dear Callie: Please hurry up and get better. I can’t stand seeing you in pain and not being your normal playful self. Dear Wedding Invitations: You look beautiful and I can’t wait to have you printed off and sent out! Dear Edd: Congratulations on your Graduation with a BSc, I know it wasn’t all perfect but it’s been a pleasure experiencing the whole process alongside you over the past 3 years and you deserved it! Dear Art History: I love you as a subject but with 3 separate assignments on at the moment you are making life a bit challenging (okay, a lot challenging) . Dear Sister: Loved our talk on Tuesday night, I am truly blessed to have such a beautiful sister, inside and out. Please don’t ever change. P.s. I can’t wait to go bridesmaid dress shopping with you next weekend! P.p.s good luck with your driving test today! Dear Blog: I know I’m neglecting you a bit but I’m doing my best :) Dear God: Thankyou for giving me the strength to get through what as felt like one of the hardest weeks of my entire degree and for providing me with a family that has shown so much support for me that it would take forever to thank them all!



A Tuesday Trip

Hi All!

So today I took my self on a wee roadtrip (does a 1 hour drive count as a roadtrip? I say yes…) out of Auckland and down to the wee town of Waiuku, south of Auckland on the West Coast kinda. This is where 1 half of my rather extensive family lives (mum, nana, Mr 19, Miss 17 and Mr 15) along with their very large menagerie of animals. This is all in one rather moderate house by the way. It is always chaos but a chaos that I love and miss like crazy!