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Friday’s Letters: every city was a gift

Friday's Letters

0Dear Job Interviews: It’s so strange to sit on the other side of the table and I’m so grateful for the chance to learn and grow in this way (even if I do sometimes feel just as nervous as if it was me sitting there trying to hide how terrified I am).

Dear Florence: Thanks for releasing another ridiculously great album for me to belt out in the car. Sorry that my vocal range is 1/100th of yours and therefore your songs don’t even sound a little bit similar when they are coming out of my mouth (well sorrybutnotsorry).

Dear Incredibly Impressive Crocheted Scarf: I am way more proud of you than I should be (sorry to everyone else who I keep raving on to about it). What can I say except I normally screw things up in some way and yet you turned out great (accidently channelling Gryffindor but I’m not complaining). And just in time for some freezing weather, all in all, a pretty good effort.

Dear Friends: I don’t know how I got so lucky and ended up surrounded by so many different people and groups of friends. Even though you keep me busy, you also keep me sane (and very well-fed). I’m so appreciative of the different ways that each and every one of you make me a better person, and make life a more enjoyable place to exist within.

Dear Anah: I miss you and your chubby cheeks so damn much. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face everytime I see your adorable face. Here’s to many more playground dates where I try not to let you hurt yourself or eat dirt (also if your mum ever decides to move to Auckland so that I can see you more often that would be swell, just saying.)

Dear Chocolate: If you could just stop coming out in new and delicious flavours that I have to try (at least a few times to ensure reliability of the product) that would be great because at the moment my cupboard is full of different blocks to try and it’s driving me crazy.

Dear Auckland: Its been a year since I came home from Europe, and in that time I think I have been so preoccupied with missing those far-off cities that I had ignored the one at my front door. Thank you for being so amazing, even if sometimes I forget how lucky I am. I promise to put some more effort into our relationship and into discovering a few more of your hidden secrets.

Dear Self: Sometimes I think its important to just remind you that I forgive you. Everything we did wrong, everything we fucked up, every time we made a wrong decision or turn, hurt someone else without meaning to or hurt ourselves in ways that weren’t deserved. I forgive you for all this, and for all the mistakes we will make in the future. Go have some chocolate.

Friday’s Letters: Beers, Boxes and Bottomless Coffee

Friday's Letters

Dear Gym: Somehow you have transformed yourself from a place of torture, to a sanctuary of personal reflection. Every time I get to take an hour our of my day to focus on something completely separate to whatever’s going on in reality it’s like a total (painful and often humiliating) treat. Thanks.

Dear Federal Delicatessen: Your bottomless coffee has my heart, nervous palpitations and all. See you Sunday.

Dear Merlin: I know you love cardboard and boxes and ripping shit up. I love that about you (well, kind of). But 3am is not optimal box shredding time so please save this rather noisy activity for times of the day when I am not trying to sleep and can control my violent urges better (you’ve been very lucky so far…I kid, you’re too cute, do whatever you want).

Dear Weekend: How did you manage to get so busy without me realising. Whoever accepted all of these commitments obviously didn’t take into account the 6 hour period I need for crocheting in bed with The Bachelor playing off a precariously balanced laptop. We’ll make it work.

Dear Junk Free June: I gave it a good try. I promise. It was up until I realised that I can’t physically survive without emergency use of chocolate that our short-lived challenge came to a very delicious end.

Dear Self: Stop apologising when you have nothing to be sorry for. Please try to stop stressing over things that are outside of your control. It’s okay to do things for yourself, set boundaries and to put yourself first. More than that, its necessary every once in a while. Let’s not go over every conversation 10 times because in the end it doesn’t make it any easier, let go, move on and who cares if other people do the same.

Dear Edd: Thank you for turning a shitty week on its head. You know the way to my heart; beer, burgers, chocolate and 90s dino movies. I knew we married for a reason. Thanks for being there when my ridiculously insecure and crazy mind runs havoc.

Friday's Letters


Friday’s Letters: All Dogs Go To Heaven


Dear Tilly: Thank you for your kisses. Thank you for forcing us to go on beautiful walks throughout Auckland. Thank you for your unconditional love for the family. Thank you for your amazing personality and dog like charm. I hope you are somewhere happy and safe. I’m sorry you had to leave this world so early. Dear Work: I am not excited to do my first Saturday shift and six day week. At all. Dear Edd: Thank you for spoiling me this week. And for understanding my foul mood after a crappy week even though I shouldn’t take it out on you. Also I don’t know how you made the kitchen look like normal again but you did and it was awesome…until I had another round of baking. Dear Burger Fuel: Stop being so tempting and such a short drive away. Dangerous. Dear Customers: I know sometimes you feel like screaming/swearing/crying/complaining at me but there is only so much I can take (apparently) before I break down at work (rather embarrassingly). Just be a little more organized and we wouldn’t have this problem. Dear Books: WHY MUST YOU BE SO SAD? Dear Ruby Woo: You are almost certainly the most beautiful red lipstick I have had the pleasure of owning. Welcome to the my little lipstick horde collection Dear Sunday: A sleep in awaits and then a day with no plans (which is the best kind of day). Dear Lizzy: Keep on going through each week as it comes. Embrace the challenges and learn from the new. Crying is ok and sometimes imperative so just let it out every now and again. At the end of the week a Chanel perfume makes things feel (or smell) a lot better.

Friday’s Letters


Dear Family: Thank you all for coming to my graduation and celebrating with me 4 years of stress and tears that resulted in my two degrees. The day would have meant nothing without the people there beside me, especially as I couldn’t have got through it without any of you. Thankyou for making me reach high and work hard to achieve goals. Dear Callie: Thankyou for the constant cuddles that have helped me through stressful university all nighters, repeated rejections from jobs, sleepless nights and the freezing cold that has now joined us. I love your fluffy butt more than you could understand (also more than most others think is normal…). Dear Sister: Happy birthday for Sunday you crazy, beautiful soul. Don’t ever lose the generosity, passion and stubbornness that makes you such a strong, independent woman. I am blessed to have you as a sister.Dear Cupcakes: I love you and all but after two nights if late-night baking I kind of never want to see another cupcake again….I think I just need some space. Dear Work: This may not be the most interesting or amazing job but I’m really enjoying it and the team I work with makes every day very bearable and even fun at times (gasp!). It’s nice to not dread coming to wok each day. Dear Soy Chai Latte: Ahh we return to our love affair now that winter approaches. I still wish you had caffeine…then you would be the perfect drink.

Friday’s Letters: A new (job) chapter


Dear New Job: I am so relieved and happy to have started you today!! The people are amazing, the work will be challenging and interesting and it will give us the funds to travel! It was a long and emotionally stressful job hunt but I’m just glad it’s over. Dear NZ comedy: There is something special and unique about it and I am very glad the comedy season is starting this week in NZ! I look forward to lots of laughs and good times and a celebration of our nation’s awkward and uniquely kiwi comedy! Dear Callie: you are the cutest! But we have to cut down on all the butter you keep getting your lovely paws on. Dear New Neighbours: I know you only just moved in today but trust me when I say that you better be quiet and polite and nice to my fur baby otherwise my wrath will know no bounds. BEWARE. Dear Apple Crumble: in this cooling weather you are a godsend. Delicious. Dear Brother: I hope you enjoy living away from home and experiencing some new things but don’t forget about all of us (and mum who is probably going insane as we speak because she loves us so much). Dear Apples: I had forgotten what a convenient and delicious breakfast you provided. Dear Life: Good things come to those who wait. Thank you for teaching me to be more patient and to be a stronger person who can cope with more rejection than I ever thought possible.

Friday’s Letters: Let the Feijoa season begin!


Dear Feijoas: you are amazing incredible fruits and I am in heaven being able to bring a bag home from work with me most days!! I can’t wait to share some amazing feijoa recipes I have found on here! Dear movies: There is something so fun and comforting of sitting in a dark cinema with popcorn and ice cream that I don’t even really care what movie I happen to be watching. Having said that, Oblivion which I watched last night was rather enjoyable. Dear Edd: this week dragged on for us both but I enjoy our early mornings together before we head off for work, cuddling Callie and mentally preparing ourselves for the day ahead. Thanks for being my husband. Dear Mum: I’m so glad I’m not the only crazy one!! Your secret is safe with me! P.s I love working with you occasionally even if you are insane haha. Dear Callie: I love you, I love your nose, I love your bob tail and I love how now it is getting colder you are getting under the blankets. Your so cozy!! Dear Weekend: So relieved your are now upon us although I am NOT looking forward to the insane timetable of next week with three jobs and a job interview. Chaos!

Friday’s Letters: Running late…again


Dear Feet: Sometimes you and I have no idea where we are going but as long as we have fun on the way and enjoy every day we are blessed with the destination is much less relevant. Dear Weather: I am enjoying this cool yet clear weather!! No rain but cool enough for me to wear my fox jumper yay! Dear Callie: You’re a funny thing. Please stop sleeping on the driveway. Dear Health: You have been a pain in the … lately but I can’t blame you when I haven’t been treating you with enough care and respect. Thanks to a much needed trip to the Dr I think we have the jump start we need to heal up and start being healthy, inside and out! Dear April: I’m excited to see what’s on store and I’m praying that things fall in the right place. Dear Nails: Why you keep breaking?! Dear Daylight savings: Thankyou for the extra hour sleep tonight, it’s much needed. Dear Edd: Thank you for challenging me and making me think. Sorry if I don’t always get it as fast as you, we aren’t all blessed with your brains haha.

Friday’s Letters: It’s a Good Friday


Dear Auckland: Thankyou for being such a beautiful city. I don’t always appreciate how lucky I have it here. Dear Edd: Thankyou for so much. Thank you for taking photos of amazing sunsets when I am driving. Thankyou for letting me cry on you after a rough shift. Thankyou for spending all day with me in bed watching movies and tv shows. Dear Family: I’m looking forward to spending the long weekend seeing you all! Dear IT crowd: You are hilarious and I don’t know why I haven’t watched you more. Dear Easter: Thank you for an excuse to buy chocolate and the time to send with family and my husband. Dear Work: This week was a little challenging and some times I’m not sure I can do this but then I realise how rewarding you can be. I do need more shifts though (or another job to make up some more hours? That would work too!) Dear Skin: Please calm the heck down, I can’t handle your sensitivity and mood swings! Dear Callie: Please stop attacking me when I have takeaways, you know I always share with you so just be patient my dear!! Dear God: Thank you for sending your only son to die for our sins.

Friday’s Letters: Thrown in the deep end


Dear Bay of Islands: I miss you. Once I have children (no not right now) I will be bringing them here all the time!! Dear Job: After so many rejections it was like a dream to apply, interview and get a contract all in 5 hours. One day later and I had an 8 hour shift! Granted I feel totally out if my depth but I’m a fast learner I hope. Dear Callie: Thank you for giving us the perfect welcome home with cuddles and attention left, right and centre! We won’t leave you alone again any time soon my fur baby. Dear Edd: I wish I was as smart and awesome as you. But now we are married I own half your property, does that include your brain? I think so!! Dear Wedding Photos: Well worth the wait.

Friday’s Letters: Counting down the days


Dear Wedding: Well you sure are approaching at lightspeed. All the big stuff is done just lots of tiny things left for me to toss and turn over. Dear Coromandel:Thankyou for providing the setting for a lovely, relaxing long weekend. Your beaches were stunning as usual and the food was fantastic. See ya next year. Dear Mum: Thankyou for the coffee and lunch date today. I miss our catch ups at Uni so was good to reconnect. Dear Body: I forgot how horrendous you can be when you are sick. I feel like death and I have a list of things to do a mile long. Does not compute. Dear Job Hunting: I’m not sure why you are being so difficult but a little cooperation would be lovely. You are draining both my time and my spirit. Dear Callie:Thankyou for our mornings together where we lie in bed and talk (though your meows can be a little hard to understand at times). I’m so happy you came into our lives as the sick stray kitty you were so that we could fix you up and have you as our baby. Dear Self: Stuff feels like its getting kind of crazy at the moment but hold on and just don’t forget to breathe.

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