What made me smile…

Hi All!

After a hectic weekend I am afraid posting on Saturday and Sunday did not happen! This “what made me smile” post is technically supposed to be a Sunday thing where I can look back on the week and think about some of the things that happened so lets just pretend it’s not yet Monday…

This week was challenging in terms of the work at University but I made it through the week and managed to avoid any breakdowns (pat on the back!). Amongst the chaos of Uni there was, as always, things in life that were good and things that brought a smile to my face!

New Herbal Tea and a Teapot (Finally!!)

I went a while not drinking any herbal tea and severely missed it so after buying this on Tuesday I was in heaven!

I actually read the box wrong and thought this was just mint tea, not green tea with mint (I really don’t like green tea …) however despite being a bit skeptical I strongly enjoyed the fresh flavours of the mint and the green tea was nothing like I remembered from years ago! Yay! Definitely a luxury during the evening study sessions to have a pot of this to relax with and help keep stress levels low!




Speaking of studying…which made up the majority of this week…taking the time to study in Albert Park instead of some cramped desk was a nice moment. Feeling the sun on my back for the first time in what feels like forever let me enjoy the study process.






Wednesday night Edd kindly made this Japanese curry with carrots and potatoes! Whilst not the most attractive dish the curry was amazing in flavour with a tiny bit of sweetness that was unusual but so tasty!!  So thanks to Edd for bringing a smile to my face for  not having to cook and for providing a dish I have never tried before that was delicious! Only problem is that now I’ll make him cook it for me regularly 😀







Kitty Paws! Who doesn’t smile when there are kitty feet in your face! Callie is a continual source of cuteness and somehow keeps finding new cute ways to sleep…







All this for $7.50!

On Saturday Edd and I spent 3 hours waiting for our car to get fixed so we could obtain a WOF ($370 later…) so luckily with a mall walking distance from the mechanics we were able to enjoy massive portions of curry for lunch! This was a combination of two vegie curries which were incredibly good value for under $8. Couldn’t eat it all but liked the fact that I could have if I had wanted to!







Playground time with the family!

Sunday was “work” where I spend the day with 2 of my brothers (Mr 10 and Mr 4) and as usual the day was full of various playground visits (3 to be total this week). It’s such a nice feeling to be out in the sun with happy children around and I quite enjoy seeing what different playgrounds around Auckland have to offer!

P.s. Thanks to Edd who makes up for my amazing lack of speed and arm strength by continuously playing with the boys while I just stand around and take photos >.<


Lastly, on Sunday the boys and I went out for lunch with our Grandma. Lunch with Grandma is great because she used to live quite far away and now I really appreciate the fact that she is so close by and we get to see her so often.

So that was my week a few of the things that made me smile :)

I hope you all had an amazing week as well and that next week brings many more smiles!