Made Me Smile

Hi All!

So in case you hadn’t gathered from my only posts this week, I have been sick all week and continue to be so at the moment though I am definitely getting better – just a little slow for my liking. Here’s what made me smile in this miserable week

Taking photos of spring flowers. I love all the beauty that comes out in nature at this time of year and despite the lack of a camera (other than my trusty iPhone) and my general lack of any photo taking skills I love capturing the spring that is all around me.

Okay so super boring photo but this week I have been loving a new drink at Starbucks – the Salted Caramel Mochachino or something along those lines. I personally love the addition of saltiness to something sweet and this drink isn’t overly salty or sweet and is a very enjoyable drink. They also do it as a frappe drink but have yet to try that in this chilly spring weather. Reminds me of peanut butter chocolate even though there is no peanut butter … strange

My first eggs Benedict with bacon. Holy wowsers this was delicious.

Two new bracelets from Cotton On. I don’t buy or wear that much jewellry but these were two for $1o and I loved the colours and the gold. I think they look classy and not as cheap as they actually were and I am very happy to add them to my jewelry box. I don’t suit very wide bangles/bracelets but these are kind of medium size and don’t look half bad yay!

So Friday was another night of nerdy computer games with our old flatmates and further procrastination from the unthinkable amount of work that needs to be done by the end of this week. This little guy is Batman and he is pretty much the cutest (after Callie of course). Super cheeky but cute enough to get away with it 😀

Lastly on Sunday Edd, the boys and I took ourselves on a trip to Auckland museum. Free for Auckland residents this is such a beautiful spot on top of the Domain looking out over Auckland. Had a nice walk with Tilly the Dog around the duck pond then Mr 4 (very nearly Mr5) wanted to go and look at all the war exhibitions they had which often we don’t get round to seeing. Lovely day as usual :)

Hope you all had a lovely week!


P.s. here’s a compulsory Callie photo from this week. This photo most definitely made me smile!

  • Elle

    Hope you’re feeling better!! I’m so glad to finally hear something about this new Starbucks drink! I almost got it the other day and then was like “eh…if it sucks I just spent $4 on a bad drink” and went with my usual. I’ll try it next time though :)