Friday’s Letters: The End of an Era

Dear University: Monday’s exam marked the end of my 4 years in a conjoint degree. It’s a bittersweet feeling because the last 4 years have been the best of my life but also the most stressful and emotionally testing times I have ever experienced. Thankyou for the lessons I have learnt and the people I have met. Dear Mum: Perhaps the biggest thing I will miss about Uni is going to be the weekly coffees and catch-ups! Thank you for the amazing support you have given for me and for showing me how high I can reach. Dear Callie: Three things I love about you at the moment- Your morning kisses that wake me up (although its a little gross and painful), The way you rock your stumpy tail and look cuter than ever, even with a shaved bum! And the fact that you are terrified of the cat door. Okay the last one is actually kind of annoying…please try and get used to the cat door! It would make life so much easier for me and Edd. Dear Sensitive Skin: I know you are a sensitive soul, just like me, but you are totally frustrating me and ruining any self-confidence I have with your unpredictable nature. Dear Novels: I missed you during the school year and am so unbelievably happy to be able to start reading again without the feelings of guilt that I should be reading textbooks or lecture notes again. Dear Edd: Thank you for offering to come with me to Breaking Dawn Part 2 when I had no one else to go with. I know you can’t stand them at all and that’s how I know you are my best friend.