PHD, But not the good kind

So I thought I should do a quick post over here. Most people know I am back home in cold, wintery New Zealand after what can only be described as the adventure of a lifetime, trapezeing (well…training) through 11 countries in 2 months and meeting as many animals as we could along the way (mainly cats).

I have been back for a month now, a simple fact that quite simply blows my mind. And in that time I have done a terrible, horrendous job of getting back in to blogging (both here and over at My Foxy Travels where I haven’t even finished up blogging about my trip, please hold while I drown my guilt in red wine). This is not because I have gone off it, quite the opposite as I am super excited for what the future may bring with my blog.

No, it is not a lack on good intention, more a lack of motivation. Maybe I have simply forgotten how to blog? Or how to make time for it rather? Life has been chaotic this last month and adapting back to the real world has thrown me something silly.

Hence the PHD. No, not a doctorate or any sense of achievement. PHD aka post holiday depression is the only way I can explain the anxiety and stress that has been threatening to drown me since returning. Its not that I am unhappy as such, being back with friends and family is awesome. But there is so much else going on with babies (not mine, don’t stress), trying to find a place to live, social commitments and adjusting back to work weeks. I guess I have just forgotten how to manage it all.

So this is me, just letting you guys know that I am still here and this blog is still a priority (just not the top one at this stage). So bear (bare?) with me and I promise that in no time at all I will be back and hopefully ready to recommit to this hobby that I love doing. In the mean time, meet some of the cats we met whilst in Europe. 


Cat of the canals, in Venice


We found this wild guy on a hill looking over Barcelona, a little rough around the edges but so incredibly friendly and up for a cuddle. How could we resist?


Rome was like the Cat Capital of Europe and this little area of ruins in the middle of the city was home to over 200 wild cats, some of which were housed in a little sanctuary and some which roamed wild. One of the best moments of the trip, which most people think is quite strange.


And this handsome fella was from this weekend just past, back home in New Zealand, in a small beer garden/cafe outside of Rotorua. Cats are great, no matter where in the world I find them.


  • wtmontana

    I understand PHD completely. So good to know you’re not disappearing for good x

  • Sarah-Elizabeth

    Wow! All those cats you met!! I hope you re-find your inspiration soon Lizzy!! I loved reading your blog xo

  • frockandroll

    Oh yes, *definitely* understand PHD! What awesome adventures you’ve had; will have to check out your travel blog for sure :)

  • BalmainBeauty

    I didn’t know it was known as PHD. I’m suffering from it too. I’ve been home 9 day’s and it’s only today that I’m starting to feel like I’m getting it together and easing back into the real world. I always say once I’ve had a holiday that I need another one straight after because most of my holiday’s aren’t relaxing I’m busy trying to sightsee and get thing’s done I’ve put down on a list and then life throws you a curveball (my Uncle passing away on day 2 of my holiday) so the rest of my holiday is now a blur but I’m really happy I got to see you at least once on my trip. I love how cat friendly you are because I’m the exact same. I see cat’s all over the new area where I live and I want to make friends with them and I think my instagram will slowly become a cat photogallery :-)

  • Amanda @ MoveLoveEat

    PHD Sucks! In other news – cats!!! My partner always drags me away from the random cats I try to pat when on holiday, so much cute!