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Tea Time: Worth a Splurge

Hi All!

So today is time for another brief tea post on the two more pricey teas that I currently am enjoying. Tea is my lifesaver at the end of a hard day. My rescue remedy when I am freaking out. Tea is to me like waffles are to Lesley Knope. Hence, every once in a while I don’t mind spending what most people probably consider a ridiculous amount of money on a box of tea. Normally I stick to the $4 approx supermarket tea options however these two were more at the $20 range (which even to me seems a little silly. I would still buy them though).


1, T2 Turkish Apple
So if I had to choose one tea to drink forever this would be right up there fighting for first place. This is an instant flavoured tisane and is basically just a delicious flavoured sugar. So not the healthiest. I compare it to raro for adults and it is similar in that I could eat this stuff by the spoonful, no hot water needed. However at $22 a box this is a very rare occaision. This is my treat tea but also is an excellent way to sweeten up other herbal teas. When I bought this from the Queen Street T2 store (which has some rather lovely staff!) I was given a couple of samples that I could try mixed with a little Turkish apple. My favourite was the Southern Sunrise (a lemongrass and grapefruit combo) which paired wonderfully with the sweet apple. Delicious and one I would keep spending too much money on. T2 can be bought in NZ at the brand new beautiful Queen street store or ordered online on their website.

2. Harney & Sons Fruit Tea Peach
This is a new brand of tea for me and one I encountered at the Auckland food show. I believe this box was only $10 but normally their teas are a little more expensive at around $15. They have a huge range and you find these in some more boutique Auckland stores such as Smith and Caughies or online at their website. This is a loose fruit tea that smells incredible. Basically made up on dried fruit such as peach, rosehips, apple and hibiscus the tea goes a long way with strong flavour and a beautiful aroma. Don’t use too much as this can easily get overbearing however done right this tea is gorgeous and makes some of the nicest iced tea I  know.

So overall I guess this post was to make me feel better about spending more than normal on tea but everyone needs a treat every now and again and tea is a relatively harmless one (unless you are eating the sugar by the spoonfull). What are your splurges?

Tuesday’s Top 10: Teas I want to try from T2

With T2 a new gift to Auckland I have been browsing their website and store, building up a significant wishlist of teas. So far I have just one (My classic Turkish apple tea that I couldn’t leave without) and a couple of samples. But here are a few more I have on my radar…

Apple Crumble (Image from

Apple Crumble (Image from

Let me preface my list with a small disclosure: T2 are not paying me in $$ or (preferably) in tea to ramble on at you about them in fact they know nothing about me. My lists are just a little weird and this is what is on my mind at the moment.


Sleep Tight (image from

  1. Apple Cumble: A tisane that is supposed to be delicious hot or cold and taste like home baking and fresh apples. I am already salivating.
  2. Southern Sunrise: This is one of the samples I received and is a delicious herbal blend of grapefruit and lemongrass. A refreshing combination that I need in my life.
  3. Honey Vanilla: A rooibos based tea with hints of vanilla (which I love in tea) and floral honeybush. I am intrigued.
  4. White Jasmine: I love white tea and I love jasmine in tea so this is a combination made for me to try.
  5. Geisha Getaway: A tropical take on Sencha green tea with coconut and pineapple. Diifferent to any other form of green tea I have tried and sounds like a holiday in a tea cup.
  6. Sleep Tight: I am a terrible sleeper so this one could be worth a try and sounds delicious too with a combination of lemon balm, rose, lavender and jasmine.
  7. Vanilla Mint: I love peppermint tea (to death) and so this spearmint and vanilla combination could be right up my alley.
  8. Chai: A basic one, I know but I am always on the hunt for the perfect chai and whilst in store I sampled some of this made up with soy milk and a little honey and it was beautiful. Chai is pretty amazing full stop.
  9. French Earl Grey: I tend to shy away from Earl Grey at home but always enjoy a good cup of it at the in-laws. I have also heard a few people recommend this classic bergamot fusion with fruity and citrus flavours.
  10. Turkish Apple and Cinnamon: Being a big fan of the Turkish apple tisane I couldn’t help but include what sounds like it but even better. Apple and cinnamon has to be one of the best comnbinations and these sugary concoctions are a bit of a treat. Yum.

Turkish Apple and Cinnamon (Image from


French Earl Grey (Image from

I definitely won’t be buying all of these (at once) but they make a handy birthday list (hint hint) and I just generally kind of love reading their descriptions of teas and the beautiful photos (which I borrowed…). Anyway, I am going to go back to my pot of Southern Sunrise and the new album by Lorde which I can’t get enough of.

What are your favourites from T2 (as if I need more for my wishlist)? For more information on T2 or their humongous selection of beautiful teas head to their website or head to their store near the bottom of Queen Street in Auckland city. There are so many delicious samples to try and the staff are lovely so you may be there a while.



Tuesday Tea Time: Dilmah

Hey All!

So I bet you thought this blog couldn’t get much more random or strange, well you were wrong. Don’t worry, I will only write about tea very occasionally so just bear with me, and hey, maybe you might find something new to try (I know for a fact I am not the only tea addicted one on the internet). I love tea. Its probably one of the main highlights of my day, coming home to blogging and a pot of tea. In fact I am drinking a pot right now…(this is getting strange).

For my first tea feature is a set of four teas that has been top on my list, the Dilmah Exceptional range. Somewhere here is my current favorite tea of all but you will have to wait til the end to find out! (Look at me trying to make tea all exciting and such :P). These 4 teas are part of a slightly bigger range by Dilmah sold at most Supermarkets and their variety yet affordability was what attracted me. I believe these are around $4.50 but I usually get them on special for $3.99 (20 teabags) so not bad at all. Let me give you a brief review of the ones I have (seatbelts on!)


1. Lively Lime and Orange Fusion: I think this was my first box and I still enjoy this tea, especially in the mornings (although apparently it is suited for the afternoon or post dinner, oops). It is an aromatic Ceylon tea with a citrus tartness that I really enjoy. Full bodied and nice to start the day with. The lime isn’t all that noticeable for me but I’m sure it is in there somewhere. One I would most likely repurchase (I think I may already have done so).

2. Rose with French Vanilla: Now this, this was my all time favorite for a long time! This tea is like rich Turkish delight and is a gorgeous way to end a hard day at work. Already repurchased this and will do so again. Lately it hasn’t been so high on my list of teas and I’m not 100% why. I think it does have quite a strong rose fragrance that can be a little overwhelming at times so I have to make sure I’m in the mood before I commit to a full pot. Nevertheless I do love this combo of rose and vanilla.

3. Acai Berry, Pomegranate and Vanilla: Well they can’t all be winners. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad tea but I find the strong berry and Ceylon flavours just overwhelm any vanilla or pomegranate notes and I just find it a bit average. I can smell the vanilla in the box and love the promise it makes but just don’t find it delivers once in the cup. Oh well, I will get through the box eventually and most likely won’t repurchase this one again.

4. Peppermint Leaves with Ceylon Cinnamon: This was the most recent addition to my Dilmah range and boy, I was missing out! This is my favorite tea at the moment, not just from this range and I honestly can’t get enough of the stuff. I even bought a second box for work which is a little disturbing. I am a fan of peppermint tea but didn’t imagine this combo would be that fantastic. Well I was wrong, the cinnamon compliments the peppermint AMAZINGLY and together they create this warm, refreshing, fragrant combo that is spicy and sweet and all round delicious. If you were to try one tea from this range let it be this!

All in all 2 real highlights from this range that I love and two slightly more average, definitely not a bad buy considering how cheap they are as well. I believe there may be a Green tea and Jasmine which I am desperate to find but doesn’t seem to be at my locals. Have you tried this range? If so what are your favorites?



Callie would not leave the tea alone for photos so I thought I should just include her

(p.s. none of this was sponsored or provided by Dilmah, all bought by myself and although it may sound a bit crazy, all my own thoughts and opinions. Tea intervention required? Quite possibly).

Coming up next: Time for some long overdue favorites? Where did August go!!

A Bunch of May Favourites




Hi All!

So its that time of the month for some very overdue favourites! Today’s post will include both my makeup/beauty favourites as well as a few random other bits and pieces that have made May enjoyable.

20130606-211757.jpg1. Lush Flying Fox Shower Gel
This was a gift from my lovely friend Karen (she knows I have a slight obsession with Foxes…) and I saved this for the colder weather due to its rich, jasmine and honey scent. Lately I have been loving lathering up with this shower gel and although the scent is strong, the lingering honey smell is rather divine and luscious.

2. Covergirl Nature Luxe in Hibiscus
I picked up this product at a makeup clearance last month for a very small amount of money and somehow it ended up being what I wore most days. I hadn’t heard of this range before but it says it is a gloss balm and I find it to be similar to a Revlon Lip Butter in that it is moisturizing, glossy with a buildable pigmentation. Hibiscus is a nice berry toned pink that comes across as a my lips but better type of shade for me. Easy to apply, easy to wear and perfect for everyday work routines.

3. Rimmel Powder Blush in Autumn Catwalk
Another purchase from the makeup sale was this new blush that I thought could work well for Autumn. It isn’t the best blush in the world but I have enjoyed using this, sometimes in combination with other basic blushes. This one by Rimmel is a combination of a matte pink, a shimmery pink and a darker brown-toned pink. Together it creates a warm-toned pink shade that is sheer but buildable and adds only a small amount of shimmer that looks quite natural on the cheeks.

4. Garnier BB Cream in Light
This is a big favorite for last month has been this BB cream that receives rather mixed reviews. For me this formula works really well as it isn’t drying on my skin, has buildable coverage yet looks natural. I already have a backup for this nearly empty tube and feel it will continue to be a staple in my everyday makeup routine when I can’t be bothered wearing proper foundation (which is 90% of the time).

5. OPI Nail Polish in Malaga Wine
This is a classic favourite of mine that I pulled out for the autumn/winter months. This rich burgundy is dark but still vibrant and has a gorgeous formula that makes application a dream. For more autumn nail polish check out some other favourites.

Other favourites include this new tea involving Strawberry pavlovas (need I say more? Sweet enough to feel like a real treat), home made dahl on cold nights, the 2 hour finale of My Kitchen Rules that felt a little like the end of an era, the new App from A beautiful mess that is all the rage right now it seems and big, warm burgundy coloured scarves that keep me warm on early morning walks to the bus.

What have you been loving lately?


April’s Random Favourites

Hi all!!
So here is my last late post for April, phew! I’ve been settling into the new job (which is exhausting) and I also had my graduation yesterday so life is a little chaotic haha. Here are a few random things that kept me occupied last month.


1. Wunderlist
This app has been a favourite for a while now so I thought I should mention it on here. This free iPhone/iPad app is a great way to make lists for pretty much everything….which in case you didn’t know I love to do! Nice interface and just a generally awesome way to create lists and keep life organised (or just slightly less chaotic in my case).

2. Survivor
I am not proud of my addiction to reality tv shows…but that doesn’t change the fact that they often are the highlight of my week. Survivor is my second favourite reality tv show and I have watched pretty much every season (not something I am particularly proud of guys…). Although I feel like this current season (fans vs favourites) isn’t a particularly strong one I am still enjoying every episode and will die cry when it soon finishes.

3. Whittaker’s Peanut Butter Chocolate
Peanut butter and chocolate are two of my favourite things so this heavenly bar of amazingness did not surprise me by being incredible. Seriously delicious and a must try for those lucky enough to have access to this awesome NZ chocolate company.

4. My Kitchen Rules
In case more evidence is needed for my insane attachment to Reality TV the highlight of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday is this Australian cooking show. It’s entertaining, relaxing and a fun way to begin the week. This feels like it has been on for forever so who knows how. Will file when it eventually comes to an end.

5. Twinings Blackcurrent, Ginseng and Vanilla tea
The best thing about this cool autumn weather is the chance to drown myself in various herbal teas, and last month I tried this fruity flavour. I don’t notice the ginseng/vanilla very much as the blackcurrent is pretty strong but I do enjoy the warmth of the flavours when. Get home from work. Inexpensive too which always helps when you drink tea as much as I do!

That’s it for April, Have a magical May!!

Made me smile 22/04

Hi all!

How was everyone’s week? I am super nervous at the moment waiting for news regarding a potential new job (that I really want) and should be hearing about it today/tomorrow so arghhhhhhh. This post is a good way to distract my mind for a little while, going over the last week or two with some of the happy/funny/delicious/cute things that have brought a few smiles to my face!


First up, last weekend me and the boys ventured out to the North Shore in order to finally visit DelishCupcakes which is a little cupcake shop (also selling coffee and cake pops) that I have been meaning to try for forever! Needless to say, our cupcakes did not disappoint  Henry chose the gorgeous cupcake above (lime curd with lime buttercream), I chose the double choc cupcake with chocolate ganache (surprise surprise) and Will chose the Jaffa cupcake which had chocolate cupcake base with an incredible orange buttercream on top. All three were divine (we shared them around as everyone had to try each flavour) but my favorite was the chocolate >.< (I love chocolate so this wasn’t any big surprise). I am now, every weekend trying to convince everyone that we have to go back! So many more flavours to try!!! Go checkout their website, facebook or follow them on instagram for some drool worthy photos.


As usual, a highlight of any week is getting a new tea to try (especially now that the cooler weather has started to return) and this blackcurrent, ginseng and vanilla combo is delicious!


This weekend’s baking featured some very delicious double choc chip muffins although I must admit we totally cheated and used a box mix due to a time constraint in the kitchen haha but now I am determined to do some research and find the perfect chocolate muffins (so if you have any awesome recipes I should try PLEASE leave them below!!). Yum


The other excitement of this weekend was finding this gorgeous wee dog called Sophie who was running wild on a very busy road so Edd (being my hero) spent 15 minutes capturing the poor dog who was terrified of the cars and seemed pretty lost. After knocking on doors and then making a trip to the poor vet (who was closed but was unlucky enough to still be roped in to helping us) we found out Sophie’s owner was away for the day. Commence dog nannying for the day! She was a sweety and really attached herself to Edd. I can’t wait til we get a dog! (one day)

20130422-133038.jpgDon’t worry Callie! You are still our only fur baby!!

Other things that made me smile:

This video with Alison Brie from Community (which I have been enjoying again lately) where she imitates a bunch of internet memes, rather successfully! Props to her!

NZ passed the marriage equality bill! And this MP made global news for being just generally pretty awesome.

Cat videos…there have been a few. This one of a kitten really getting into her milk bowl is one that I play whenever I want to laugh because I cannot watch it without laughing. Hilarious. Callie loves milk but I have never seen her quite love it this much. Then there was roomba cat…a cat who rides a roomba plus a dog in some costumes, oh and some ducks. Hilarity ensues. Checkout the playlist of videos to immerse yourself in some slightly random animal antics. Last up is a Cat playing with a vacuum. Seriously cute.

Well that’s it for now, keep up the smiling :)

Made Me Smile: Tea and other things


Hi All!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend where-ever in the world you may be. Here are the things from the last week (or a small collection of them) that made me smile :)

Monday was my last exam (Hurrah!) so now I am officially unemployed for the first time in my life (sidenote-awkward…) however to celebrate (and because I am lazy) Edd and I got amazing takeaways from a Kiwi burger/fish and chips joint in Kingsland that do amazing food! As per the photo we also splurged on some Rekorderlig cider which I hadn’t tried and was DESPERATE to. These were the two flavors recommended via Twitter and they were right on. These are amazing and unlike any cider I have tried (I LOVE cider!). Slow to the party as always haha.

For me the lack of exams essentially means more time for coffees (or chai lattes in this case) and reading! Gone are the 4 years of textbooks and lecture notes that made me feel guilty when I picked up anything half interesting. I may be unemployed but at least I can read fiction guilt-free. Its the small things right :P? On a side note this book is amazing so far and I also have a post planned with my recent reads which some of you may find dead boring but I hope at least one internet soul finds slightly interesting :-/

Went to visit Edd’s rather lovely family this week, one of whom is Tilly the lovely old kitty who Edd misses quite a lot (though he would never admit it). I really am very lucky with my future in-laws! (the people…not just the pets…)

Saturday…Ugh Saturday where to begin. AMAZING day (all concentrated into a couple of hours mind you) with a wonderful friend who took me to her local tea cafe where we chose from the WALL of teas. I was seriously in tea-lovers heaven.

In the end we chose Caramel and Cream Rooibos tea (I’m pretty sure I spelt that wrong whoops) and it tasted like a tea version of Werthers Originals. Delicious.

Did I mention I also got pancakes? Not enough maple syrup (I mean is there ever really enough?) but hit my sweet spot for sure. If you live near Milford check this Tea place out…Sorry I can’t be more specific than that haha, useful right? It has tea in the name?

The other major thing that occurred this weekend was Edd and I taking over My dad’s house with Kids and Animals included (YAY) for two weeks whilst Dad and my Step Mum are living it up in New York. Meet Tilly. (p.s. Children are tiring).

And how could I leave a week in smiles without this familiar face? Edd is keeping her company for several nights this week and I pop in every now and again to make sure she knows we still love her. Baby.


Random Favorites for October


Hi All!

So here is part two of my monthly favorites, a slightly random collection of things I have been loving this month with a special Callie favorite included too (I know, I know, I’m Crazy)!

First up are these amazing iced tea drinks by the Arizona brand. Holy wow these are delicious and full on flavour! I have been enjoying these as a little exam study treat every now and again and the two above (pomegranate green tea and iced peach tea) are my favorites although I have yet to find one I don’t love. Quite sweet but as a good friend advised, watering them down a bit makes them a bit less full on with the sugar load. I also love the packaging and kinda almost didn’t want to chuck them away (I warned ya’ll I was crazy)

Keeping in line with the tea theme here is my tea of choice for this month. I think I raved about this in a Monday Made Me Smile post but thought I’d just mention it again cause I love it so much! This range by Dilmah is yet to disappoint (especially at less than $3 on special). This specific one with rose and french vanilla was recommended by my future mother in law. I love the full ceylon flavour with the rich vanilla taste and the rose primarily comes through in scent. Seriously, I just sit sniffing my tea while I’m supposed to by studying…so strange. Turkish delight in tea form. Delightful.

With study and exams comes stress and with stress comes emotional eating. Okay fine I do it all the time. Edd and I have a bar of chocolate which we enjoy for desert and getting a different one each week is always a sadly exciting decision. This peanut butter one by Whittaker’s is divine! I love peanut butter and chocolate and you don’t really see it a whole lot in NZ so I was very happy when this came out here. Delicious and rich so a couple pieces is enough to satisfy my chocolate cravings (usually…). I do wish they had it with dark chocolate though to balance some of the sweetness…mmmm

Last up for my random favorites is this diffusion set by Tribal Infusion in the scent Moroccan Orange. I got this for like $10 at Postie Plus and have been in love with the scent ever since. Leaves my bedroom smelling like fragrant citrus, perfect for spring!

Last up is Callie’s favorite of the month! We got her these when she returned from having her stitches taken out of her tail and she is obsessed! She loves cheesy stuff and is constantly trying to steal my Twisties  or grab some cheese from my dinner so this was an obvious choice with its cheesy flavour. Am I weird for having a cat favorite? Probably. She can even help herself if we hold the bag open.

And just in case there was any doubt here is Callie trying to get some whilst I was taking photos for this post. A rustle of this bag and she comes running!

And that’s it for this months favorites! I look forward to seeing what November brings along with Thanksgiving (yay for having an American friend who celebrates it here in NZ!)


Made Me Smile

So last week was the end of my lectures for my last undergraduate semester. Pretty exciting but a bit of an anti-climax to be honest, especially with the looming exams starting this Saturday (yup, even my weekends are victim to the hell that is my 5 exams). I can’t wait for exams to be over. I have so many posts I want to write but am lacking so much time at the moment and these 5 minute posts seem to be all I can muster :(

Regardless, here are the few small things that kept me smiling all week.

By now I am sure you aren’t surprised to see tea high on my list of weekly highlights. This is a new favorite and I have been completely in love with the sumptuous taste of this ceylon tea. It smells like Turkish delight and  tastes even better. A big pot of this each night has made the study seem a bit sweeter.

To celebrate the end of lectures I made some chocolate cupcakes with my first ever attempt at chocolate buttercream (I know, but I’m pretty new to this cupcake stuff). These were amazing and probably my favorite cupcakes (me-made) so far.

Thursday I received my first ever Sample Bar box. You can read all about it right here! This definitely made a nice break from a week full of Uni and getting something in the mail other than bills is always a true delight!

I dunno where this image comes from but during the week a lovely lady, Mish, sent an email to me with this and some rather fitting (adapted) Police lyrics. This made me giggle in a room full of silent students, studying away, and so I thought it definitely deserved a mention. Owls are pretty awesome (not as great as foxes though).

As usual I arrive late to every great party and these Arizona Tea drinks are amazing!!! Again, Mish told me all about these weeks ago and I was like “oh cool” and that was it. On my last day at Uni I saw them at the Munchie Mart (our awesome Uni dairy thing) and grabbed the most appealing. All in all, the nicest tea drink I’ve tried. Also, the bottles are so gorgeous that I can hardly bear to throw them out. Go get some!

Saturday involved Edd and I indulging in our new favorite treat. Eggs Benedict at St Lukes. Seriously amazing. I almost wish I didn’t enjoy them so much. My wallet would definitely thank me.

Lastly, Sunday saw me baking away with Mr 4 and Mr 10 (banana muffins at the request of Mr 4). This photo captures how Mr 4 is for the majority of our baking time and explains why my post-baking clean up can take quite  a while. He just finds it very exciting 😛 Mr 10 on the other hand takes baking (like all things) very seriously and so coping with a crazy 4 yr old can sometimes be a struggle. Its always a fun experience though :)

Here’s the more peaceful image I posted on Instagram. A rare moment of cooperation and tranquility. Don’t worry, this didn’t last long.

Hope you are all having a lovely week! Time to get back to studying (yay…)