myfoxycorner launched in August 2012 as a way for me (Lizzy) to share my thoughts with (some of) the world as I tried to escape the pressures of University. 3 years later and I still am still classing myself as a beginner blog (and I still have a lot to learn) but I have also made more friends through this little space than I ever thought possible. I also now look after brunchclub with some pretty rad ladies.

Me, 20 something years ago. Always with a slight attitude problem.

myfoxycorner is a place for me to talk about the things that make me happy. These include (but are not exclusive to) cooking, travel, music, living healthier, tea, makeup/skin care and the beautiful city which I am lucky enough to call home. I class myself as a lifestyle blog, because that way there is no real restriction to what I decide to share on here (sorry in advance).


So I’m Lizzy, the face on the side of the blog, a 24ish year old public servant who spends her days either on the phone or helping others work on the phones. Outside of those 8 hours a day I read, try to exercise, learn to crochet, cook (a lot), eat out (a lot), read, paint my nails and try to make timeĀ for socialising with friends somewhere amongst it all. I’ve been vegetarian for almost 2 years now, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I also got married in February 2013 (another rather excellent decision) and now live with my husband, Edd; my furbaby, Merlin (see below); and two hilarious flatmates. Together we are just as dysfunctional as any family, and I love it.


If you want to learn about me (because I guess by now you have realised that I am preetttyyy exciting) then come chat on twitter, join me on facebook or scroll through my instagram, because who doesn’t love a well-filtered slice of life every now and again.

I’m pretty awkward. Welcome to my slightly awkward world.