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Brunch Club Part 1: Mozaik

Hi All,

Happy Weekend! So this week was a bit of a challenge with work stress and trying to resist gluten as well as being a bit exhausted however the work week ended on a high with a work get together last night that was a lot of fun! Then the weekend rolled around, bringing with it my first brunch with two beautiful and lovely blogging friends, Laura from The Dizain Collective and Maddy from Madicatt (both awesome blogs, grab some tea and take a look!).We had so many options in Auckland for great brunch spots but decided to go with something tried and tested, Mozaik in Mt Eden (I have never tried a Mozaik but everyone else had always had positive experiences). My main concern was that being in the middle of my gluten free trial I might not be able to find something delicious to eat but luckily Mozaik was a great choice with the option of gluten free bread instead of the normal (delicious) stuff.

photo (1)

To eat I ended up choosing the Field mushrooms with blue cheese sauce and bacon on gluten free toast (tip for bunch blogging, choose more attractive looking food to blog about). My dish arrived sans bacon which was very unfortunate (but handled pretty well by the friendly staff) but was still very delicious! I am a big fan of mushrooms and these were juicy and perfectly cooked with a subtle blue cheese flavoured creamy sauce. The pesto drizzle around the edge was also divine. The gluten free bread was plain but much nicer than I had envisioned. Maddy had a big breakfast which looked delicious and Laura chose the homemade hashbrown which will be my first pick once I am off my GF trial! To drink I had a feijoa smoothie (I can never resist the allure of feijoa) and then also had coffee to take home to Edd which was satisfying especially after a pretty big night.


All in all the food was delicious and with many yummy items on the menu I will definitely be back. More importantly than the food was the great opportunity to catch up with friends and share lots of information with each other. I think we sat there for about an hour after eating because there was so much to talk about. This brunch club might be the best thing ever! We plan to do it about once a month and so I will hopefully get to share some other great cafe’s with you. If anyone is interested in joining us just tweet me (@liz_lock).

Oh and I almost forgot, I set up a facebook page for myfoxycorner so please go check it out!

My Big Little City: Clevedon Farmer’s Market

Hi All!

Had a bit of a busy last couple of weeks but today I come to you with a new series that I am starting called My Big Little City which will just feature different places and activities in Auckland that I want to share with you all.

Today is a pretty grey and windy Saturday so what better time to think back to a couple of weekends a go when I went along to the Clevedon Farmer’s market along with Edd and my two little brothers, Mr 11 and Mr 5 (nearly 5). I have always heard good things about this farmer’s market that has been running for about ten years now out at the Clevedon showgrounds. I’ll show you some snaps from the day and at the end will be all the info about the Markets in case you have a Sunday with nothing to do.

The market, being a farmer’s market, has an amazing range of fresh, vibrant produce that was a feast for the eyes. Along withe the vegies are a plethora of pickles, chilli sauces (some of which we bought home), breads, sweet treats, alcohol and meat. As pictured below there was a little country violin and guitar duo who provided a soundtrack for our Sunday outing (something a la Louise Attaque) which provided such an amazing atmosphere. I don’t know if there is always music or if it always the same musicians but it made a huge difference.

Mr 5 was in his element sampling bacon and cupcakes (not at the same time) left, right and centre. The cupcake stall was run by the Cupcake Tree which has a stall quite close to my work in the city and after sampling their gingerbread cupcakes I will be hunting some more down. Seriously divine.

The highlight for kids would be the $5 pony ride and this certainly proved to be the case with Mr 5. After his ride around the paddock we went and said hello to the other friendly ponies/donkeys and horses. Although I am technically allergic to horses I couldn’t resist a bit of a cuddle…


Obviously there is a lot of food to choose from when looking for a snack or a light lunch. If you can look past all the delicious fudges and brownies there are a few different savoury stalls. Mr 11 chose an Argentinian tomato filled pastry, Mr 5 had a homemade mince and cheese pie whilst Edd and I went for a very popular lunch time choice, a bacon and egg bap with homemade spicy tomato sauce and parsley mayo. It was fresh, delicious and for $5 a super cheap and tasty lunch that you should definitely try.  We then had a $1 churro each to finish off our lunch and although it was lacking a chocolate sauce it was still very tasty.DSC_1706DSC_1716DSC_1714

We took a few treats home including a homemade dog treat, a smoked chipotle salt, a green chilli sauce, some almond brittle (and peanut brittle for Mr 5) which was AMAZING and last of all a small selection of macaroons that we shared once back at home. The flavours we got (left to right) was salted caramel, tiramisu, peanut butter and cinnamon jam doughnut. Without a doubt my favourite was the jam doughnut. It tasted incredible and may be the best macaroon I have ever tasted. Yum.


All in all we had a really fun time at the markets and I would definitely go back to sample the new produce and see what’s changed. Everything is reasonably priced and there is a generous amount of free food to try. Everyone is friendly and kids can run wild. The market is held at the Clevedon showgrounds which is about 30-40 minutes drive from Auckland (south-east). Clevedon itself is a cute little town just out in the country so you could spend the whole day out in the area. The markets run from 8.30-12pm every Sunday and a small gem in Auckland that is a great way to escape the bustle of the city. We will be back.


Made Me Smile: Tea and other things


Hi All!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend where-ever in the world you may be. Here are the things from the last week (or a small collection of them) that made me smile :)

Monday was my last exam (Hurrah!) so now I am officially unemployed for the first time in my life (sidenote-awkward…) however to celebrate (and because I am lazy) Edd and I got amazing takeaways from a Kiwi burger/fish and chips joint in Kingsland that do amazing food! As per the photo we also splurged on some Rekorderlig cider which I hadn’t tried and was DESPERATE to. These were the two flavors recommended via Twitter and they were right on. These are amazing and unlike any cider I have tried (I LOVE cider!). Slow to the party as always haha.

For me the lack of exams essentially means more time for coffees (or chai lattes in this case) and reading! Gone are the 4 years of textbooks and lecture notes that made me feel guilty when I picked up anything half interesting. I may be unemployed but at least I can read fiction guilt-free. Its the small things right :P? On a side note this book is amazing so far and I also have a post planned with my recent reads which some of you may find dead boring but I hope at least one internet soul finds slightly interesting :-/

Went to visit Edd’s rather lovely family this week, one of whom is Tilly the lovely old kitty who Edd misses quite a lot (though he would never admit it). I really am very lucky with my future in-laws! (the people…not just the pets…)

Saturday…Ugh Saturday where to begin. AMAZING day (all concentrated into a couple of hours mind you) with a wonderful friend who took me to her local tea cafe where we chose from the WALL of teas. I was seriously in tea-lovers heaven.

In the end we chose Caramel and Cream Rooibos tea (I’m pretty sure I spelt that wrong whoops) and it tasted like a tea version of Werthers Originals. Delicious.

Did I mention I also got pancakes? Not enough maple syrup (I mean is there ever really enough?) but hit my sweet spot for sure. If you live near Milford check this Tea place out…Sorry I can’t be more specific than that haha, useful right? It has tea in the name?

The other major thing that occurred this weekend was Edd and I taking over My dad’s house with Kids and Animals included (YAY) for two weeks whilst Dad and my Step Mum are living it up in New York. Meet Tilly. (p.s. Children are tiring).

And how could I leave a week in smiles without this familiar face? Edd is keeping her company for several nights this week and I pop in every now and again to make sure she knows we still love her. Baby.