My 10 Spring Nail Polish Picks!

Hi All!

Seeing as it is now the beginning of Spring here in New Zealand I thought I would share 10 of my Spring nail polishes that are in my collection. I love spring colours! The mints, lilacs and peaches make my heart sing! I try to include a variety of nail polish brands and colours but am limited by what my collection includes. Please leave a comment if you have any other recommendations or favorites to share! I love hearing what other people think and love, especially when it comes to nail polish!!

OPI Pedal Faster Suzi

1. OPI: Pedal Faster Suzi

So this is a colour from the Dutch collection and is a lovely light pink with a ton of silver shimmer stuck in there. I like this when I want a change from the usual cream pastel colours and when I want to feel extra girly! A very flattering colour on my hands, especially when I have a bit more of a tan.

Butter London Teddy Girl and OPI Mod About You

2. Butter London: Teddy Girl & OPI: Mod About You

I included these two as one because they are very very similar. Both are very pale pastel pinks that I LOVE because they are GORGEOUS!! If there is any difference I think Mod About You has more white to it but I don’t think you necessarily need both. I didn’t think I would love these colours when I got them (goodness knows why) but they are now some of my favorites. Application can sometimes be a bit annoying but the Butter London is slightly easier to apply than the OPI. I find this colour looks girly but because it is so pale it still looks a bit different from a normal pink. Love, Love, Love. Spring in a polish basically

A side by side comparison of OPI Pedal Faster Suzi and OPI Mod About You

OPI: A Grape Fit

3. OPI: A Grape Fit

This isn’t quite a pastel purple/lilac but is the closest I have for some reason (Somebody buy me Essie Lilacism please!!!). I love this colour because it is a great light spring purple that has easy application. Was one of my first OPI colours 2 years ago and I have loved it every spring/summer since then.

OPI: I Don’t Give a Rotterdam!

4. OPI: I Don’t Give a Rotterdam!

Another favorite from the Dutch collection (makes sense seeing as it was the Spring collection). I love both the shimmery blues from this collection and wasn’t sure which to pick but this one is slightly lighter in tone and thus seemed a tad more appropriate for spring. I think this colour is so great for spring because it is quite different to the other blues I have and is quite unique and interesting. The silver shimmer matched with the periwinkle blue is so pleasing! I admit I use this year round but a definite spring must have for moi!

OPI: Gargantuan Green Grape

5. OPI: Gargantuan Green Grape

I apologize for the state of this bottle! I like using this colour in spring because it is a little different from the minty greens. I would describe this as a lime green… it is brighter and a bit more yellow than a typical mint. A nice bright polish that suits the spring perfectly! I get so many compliments when I wear this, I think because it is just a bit different from usual green nail polish colours.

Essie: Mint Candy Apple

6. Essie: Mint Candy Apple

So here is  true mint for you! My favorite mint nail polish that I have ever used! Easy application for a pastel with only two coats and fast dry time for me. I love this colour and if I could only wear one nail polish in Spring this would probably be it. Totally in fashion for this years spring as well (which is cool because I am normally oblivious to all trends).

Essie: Haute as Hello

7. Essie: Haute as Hello

So these kind of colours confuse me. I love this colour to pieces but I can never decide how to describe them. This is a gorgeous pinky peach that I would first off describe as a pastel but it is also very bright to the point of almost being neon (drying kind of matte). Is a neon pastel possible? If so please give me all of them! Beautiful colour that I think I may need a back up of at some point. Another colour that is similar in terms of being a pastel/neon is Trout Pout by Butter London but that colour is slightly more of a salmon pink and less peachy.

Butter London: Cheeky Chops

8. Butter London: Cheeky Chops

So I know a pastel yellow is perfect for Spring and I have one I think but I much prefer this colour! Cheeky chops is slightly brighter than a pastel yellow, brighter and more “sunny”… One of the best yellows that avoids the nightmare application I experience with others. I can’t not smile when I wear this! And because it isn’t super “cheese” bright I find this colour is easier to wear than a flat out bright yellow.

Butter London: Lillibet’s Jubilee

9. Butter London: Lillibet’s Jubilee

So my last two polishes are metallics as I love metallic nails in spring especially when I am wearing lots of pastel clothes. I love the metallic accents of jewellry in spring and this is echoed in the next two nail polishes. This first one is Lillibet’s Jubilee (the polish released for the Queen’s big 60th Jubilee if I remember correctly) and it is a gorgeous silver foil. What makes this colour so great is that it has a lilac tone to it, making it so much more pretty and unique compared to a normal silver foil. Looks so beautiful and will work great for Spring. Almost impossible to capture this nail polish’s complexity and colour in my crappy photo. Apologies for the state of the bottle aswell! I took this away with me and in my bag the writing was obviously scratched off.

Orly: Rage

10. Orly: Rage

Last but not least is Rage, an amazing rose gold foil. I can’t find anything quite like this and I can’t find the full size in any NZ shops (hence the mini size). Rose gold is a huge love at the moment and my favorite metal for jewelry this spring so this nail polish obviously needed to be included in my favorites. Simply stunning!

So that’s my ten picks, I have so many more colours that I could go on forever about and limiting it down to ten is never easy! I hope everyone is well and enjoying whatever season they happen to be experiencing.

Let me know if you enjoyed the post!


  • Elle

    Oh my I would just love sooo many of those colors! That rose gold looks really pretty. I may have to track that one down…

  • Michelle † (@ShellBelleDoll)

    Omgosh I want so many of these!!!

  • eniola folarin

    The pastel colours! so lovely. Its a shame I don’t paint my nails anymore.