My 10 Autumn/Winter Nail Polish Favorites

Hi all!

So this afternoon was the first time in a what feels like forever that I could have a break from university work. After the first 6 weeks of the semester we now get a two week study break and after handing in my 2 assignments today I gave myself the afternoon to relax, watch some America’s Next Top Model (another guilty secret) and put this blog post together. In New Zealand we are slowly coming out of the Winter season so I wanted to put up my 10 favorite nail polishes that I have been loving over Autumn (Fall) and Winter this year. In the future I shall try to put up my nail polish season favorites before the season begins.. Let’s get straight into it!

 1. OPI: Dutch’Ya Just Love OPI?

This colour is from the Dutch collection and is one of my all time favorites! Its  a medium shade of purple with a dusky feel to it that I love! It also has a copper/warm gold shimmer which I have tried to show in the second photo. I love this polish also because of its ease of application, 2 think coats and I’m done. Looks classy and still a little bit different and was a perfect addition to my autumn/winter outfits.

2. OPI: You Don’t Know Jacques

This is just a general classic that is favorite for many! For me this is a great colour to wear in the autumn and goes well with a lot of the clothes and colours I have been wearing. This is a beautiful dark taupe creme that dries a little darker than the bottle shade (for me). An incredibly flattering and edgy nail polish that will never go out of fashion! (I hope!)

3.OPI: Malaga Wine

This is a beautiful, dark red creme that is part of the permanent collection here in NZ. I found this just recently after spending all winter trying to find the perfect vampy red colour as all mine are bright tomato reds.  This looks slightly brighter here than how it shows on the nail. In the shade the polish is a deep deep burgundy whilst in the sun a beautiful deep red colour comes to life. Classy and elegant and one of  my new favorites!

4. OPI: Call Me Gwen-Ever

So this is a shade from the relatively new Spider-Man collection and is a lovely muted orange. This kind of dusty creme orange was a colour I reached for a lot especially over autumn. Great formula and the closest I got to neutrals this season >.< A great alternative to the super bright oranges that I love over summer.

5. OPI: Jade is the New Black

This is another cult favorite OPI and is a gorgeous blue-based, medium green creme that feels like a dusty forest green. Another classy colour that is edgy at the same time and looks amazing in the autumn and winter. Great, easy formula too!

6. Orly: Rococo-a-gogo

Just in case you thought this was all going to be OPI my last 5 are different brands. This Orly polish is from the last cosmic-fx collection and is a beautiful duochrome with a burgundy red shimmer that turns into a lovely gold/copper shimmer (I’ve tried to show this in the second photo). This colour reminds me of autumn and the changing leaves.

7. Butter London: Thames

This was a great colour when I wanted a change from my usual creme formulas. In the bottle this looks like a green/blue duochrome but on the nail it is just a beautiful teal green with a bit of interesting shimmer. This nail polish is amazing in the sunlight as well as the shade and its application is sheer but still incredibly easy. The thin coats dry fast and in 3 quick coats the rich green colour is amazing.

8. Butter London: Blagger

A perfect dusty royal blue and my go to blue creme during the past seasons. This is very similar to OPI’s Dating a Royal which I also love but this one was my favorite just due to the slight dusky character of this and the super easy application that I find with almost all Butter London’s. This colour is perfectly opaque and smooth in two coats and as will all of the B.L’s the lasting time is fabulous. A definite favorite.

9. Essie: Sexy Divide

This nail polish proved a pain to photograph hence the weird pose. I wanted to capture the beautiful purple shimmer of this essie that really brings the colour to life. Its a darker colour especially in the shade and once in the sun the shimmer really comes to life.

10. A England: Tristram

Last but definitely not least is one of my new favorites! A England is my first venture into buying an “indie” nail polish brand and it was a great place to start. All of their nail polish is incredible however I chose this navy blue as it is a very unique colour for me.  What is impossible to capture in a bottleshot is the amazing scattered linear holographic particles that are present throughout and that nearly caused a car accident the first time the sun hit my nails while I was driving. A one-coater if you’re careful with application which is incredible!!! If you haven’t checked out A England go now and enjoy the drool-worthiness of these amazing nail polishes!

So that’s it, my top 10! This was not an easy reduction but I tried to include a few different brands (the majority of my collection consists of OPI). I didn’t think I liked autumn and winter nail polishes but over this season I have uncovered so many amazing colours that completely changed my mind although I must admit I am looking forward to pastels in the spring! Obviously you can wear whatever colours you like despite the season and that is definitely my general approach but it is fun to play around with some of the colours that are in fashion.

Have a great weekend!