Friday’s Letters: Kitty Cuddles

Dear Flick: Thank you for giving me kitty cuddles when I am missing the lovely Callie spending two weeks not at home. You are a crazy, violent, manic cat but when you are asleep we get along rather well. Dear Callie: Don’t worry, you still hold the kitty part of my heart. Dear Self: You talk to cat’s too much. People will start to think you are crazy cat lady who just uses blog for random ramblings and this isn’t the case at all…is it?  Dear Nose Specialist: I appreciate the reason why you have to inform me of every possible risk of my upcoming nose surgery but I would rather remain blissfully ignorant. Blindness, brain fluid leaks and nose perforations are now common features in dreams/nightmares (to name a few). Dear Mr 5 and Mr 10: We are 1 week through my 2 weeks of being your incredibly awesome full time Nanny so thank you for not making this harder than it needs to be and for bring fun and laughter into every day. And yes you still have to eat all your veggies, sorry. Dear Edd: Thank you for being here with me for most nights (save a few to keep Callie company) to suffer alongside me haha. Everything’s easier when I have a partner. Dear Cognitive Neuropsych: I passed you. I actually passed you. I have never been this relieved in my whole 4 years at university. Getting a B was much preferred to the fail I was 90% expecting. Having said that I wish to never see you again. Dear Tilly: I know you hate baths but proceeding to jump out of the bath right onto me was an unpleasant surprise. Furthermore, waking me up at 6am to take you for a walk is great for my fitness but terrible for my sleep. I am not a morning person. End of story.  Dear Lovely Mish: I am so happy things are falling into place for you and your amazing family! I am 50% excited for you guys to leave for Aussie but 50% dying inside to lose a friend I only just recently realized I had! Letter writing will be fun though :) and having you as a makeup mule and a holiday house is hardly a bad thing haha. Dear Sleep: I miss you.