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Friday’s Letters: Dear Callie

Dear Callie

How do I put into words the sadness I have in my heart for losing you. How do I apologize enough for not being able to save you. How do I go from being a crazy cat lady to mourning the decision we had to make for you.

Everytime I think that life is going back to normal I see a reminder of your place in our household. A forgotten toy, a rogue cat treat that you were saving for later or just one of the many photos of you. Suddenly that feeling like I am choking on nothing returns and I feel like I will never move on.

I wish things had been different. I wish we had known what to expect. I wish we had had you in our lives for longer than the last two, short years.

Some people won’t understand what it is like to lose you but for me its like I have lost a member of my family, albeit a smaller, fluffier one than most. I won’t feel ashamed for missing you but I will be hopeful that eventually it will stop hurting so much.

I have so much to say but the words don’t come easy. I know you are better now and no longer in pain. I am glad that now we carry the pain instead whilst you move on. I am also glad I got to hold you for those last few moments of your short life.

Thank you. For inviting yourself into our lives. For sharing our meals even when we didn’t want to. For spending each night as part of our bedtime huddle and enjoying long weekend sleep ins. For taking up my instagram with endless photos of your gorgeous face. For being awake with me at night when I couldn’t sleep. For being the sassiest cat I knew and scaring away all the neighbors despite your tiny size. For being there for me when I felt alone or sad, even if you didn’t understand why I needed your cuddles. For annoying me when I chopped vegetables and then looking at me with disgust when I offered you some. For sticking your head in bags of Doritos. For watching cat videos on youtube and loving them almost as much as me. For sitting on my lap through endless hours of study and blogging even though there wasn’t much room under my desk. For being a part of lives that was so much bigger than I could have expected.

Thank you for reminding me to cherish each moment we have with our loved ones.

We won’t ever forget you



If you tame me, we shall need each other. To me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, I will be unique

Made me smile 22/04

Hi all!

How was everyone’s week? I am super nervous at the moment waiting for news regarding a potential new job (that I really want) and should be hearing about it today/tomorrow so arghhhhhhh. This post is a good way to distract my mind for a little while, going over the last week or two with some of the happy/funny/delicious/cute things that have brought a few smiles to my face!


First up, last weekend me and the boys ventured out to the North Shore in order to finally visit DelishCupcakes which is a little cupcake shop (also selling coffee and cake pops) that I have been meaning to try for forever! Needless to say, our cupcakes did not disappoint  Henry chose the gorgeous cupcake above (lime curd with lime buttercream), I chose the double choc cupcake with chocolate ganache (surprise surprise) and Will chose the Jaffa cupcake which had chocolate cupcake base with an incredible orange buttercream on top. All three were divine (we shared them around as everyone had to try each flavour) but my favorite was the chocolate >.< (I love chocolate so this wasn’t any big surprise). I am now, every weekend trying to convince everyone that we have to go back! So many more flavours to try!!! Go checkout their website, facebook or follow them on instagram for some drool worthy photos.


As usual, a highlight of any week is getting a new tea to try (especially now that the cooler weather has started to return) and this blackcurrent, ginseng and vanilla combo is delicious!


This weekend’s baking featured some very delicious double choc chip muffins although I must admit we totally cheated and used a box mix due to a time constraint in the kitchen haha but now I am determined to do some research and find the perfect chocolate muffins (so if you have any awesome recipes I should try PLEASE leave them below!!). Yum


The other excitement of this weekend was finding this gorgeous wee dog called Sophie who was running wild on a very busy road so Edd (being my hero) spent 15 minutes capturing the poor dog who was terrified of the cars and seemed pretty lost. After knocking on doors and then making a trip to the poor vet (who was closed but was unlucky enough to still be roped in to helping us) we found out Sophie’s owner was away for the day. Commence dog nannying for the day! She was a sweety and really attached herself to Edd. I can’t wait til we get a dog! (one day)

20130422-133038.jpgDon’t worry Callie! You are still our only fur baby!!

Other things that made me smile:

This video with Alison Brie from Community (which I have been enjoying again lately) where she imitates a bunch of internet memes, rather successfully! Props to her!

NZ passed the marriage equality bill! And this MP made global news for being just generally pretty awesome.

Cat videos…there have been a few. This one of a kitten really getting into her milk bowl is one that I play whenever I want to laugh because I cannot watch it without laughing. Hilarious. Callie loves milk but I have never seen her quite love it this much. Then there was roomba cat…a cat who rides a roomba plus a dog in some costumes, oh and some ducks. Hilarity ensues. Checkout the playlist of videos to immerse yourself in some slightly random animal antics. Last up is a Cat playing with a vacuum. Seriously cute.

Well that’s it for now, keep up the smiling :)

Friday’s Letters: Kitty Cuddles

Dear Flick: Thank you for giving me kitty cuddles when I am missing the lovely Callie spending two weeks not at home. You are a crazy, violent, manic cat but when you are asleep we get along rather well. Dear Callie: Don’t worry, you still hold the kitty part of my heart. Dear Self: You talk to cat’s too much. People will start to think you are crazy cat lady who just uses blog for random ramblings and this isn’t the case at all…is it?  Dear Nose Specialist: I appreciate the reason why you have to inform me of every possible risk of my upcoming nose surgery but I would rather remain blissfully ignorant. Blindness, brain fluid leaks and nose perforations are now common features in dreams/nightmares (to name a few). Dear Mr 5 and Mr 10: We are 1 week through my 2 weeks of being your incredibly awesome full time Nanny so thank you for not making this harder than it needs to be and for bring fun and laughter into every day. And yes you still have to eat all your veggies, sorry. Dear Edd: Thank you for being here with me for most nights (save a few to keep Callie company) to suffer alongside me haha. Everything’s easier when I have a partner. Dear Cognitive Neuropsych: I passed you. I actually passed you. I have never been this relieved in my whole 4 years at university. Getting a B was much preferred to the fail I was 90% expecting. Having said that I wish to never see you again. Dear Tilly: I know you hate baths but proceeding to jump out of the bath right onto me was an unpleasant surprise. Furthermore, waking me up at 6am to take you for a walk is great for my fitness but terrible for my sleep. I am not a morning person. End of story.  Dear Lovely Mish: I am so happy things are falling into place for you and your amazing family! I am 50% excited for you guys to leave for Aussie but 50% dying inside to lose a friend I only just recently realized I had! Letter writing will be fun though :) and having you as a makeup mule and a holiday house is hardly a bad thing haha. Dear Sleep: I miss you.


Made Me Smile

Hi All!

So in case you hadn’t gathered from my only posts this week, I have been sick all week and continue to be so at the moment though I am definitely getting better – just a little slow for my liking. Here’s what made me smile in this miserable week


A Tuesday Trip

Hi All!

So today I took my self on a wee roadtrip (does a 1 hour drive count as a roadtrip? I say yes…) out of Auckland and down to the wee town of Waiuku, south of Auckland on the West Coast kinda. This is where 1 half of my rather extensive family lives (mum, nana, Mr 19, Miss 17 and Mr 15) along with their very large menagerie of animals. This is all in one rather moderate house by the way. It is always chaos but a chaos that I love and miss like crazy!