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Starting out small my foxy corner

So it’s been a little while since I devoted some time to writing and posting and staying connected online. It was a needed break as I have been struggling lately, with my health, with my stress levels at work, with trying to live a somewhat balanced life.

One thing that I keep having to remind myself is that I am in control. When I let my health beat me down, its my own responsibility because of the way I haven’t been taking care of myself. When I let myself become overwhelmed by stress, its because I haven’t made my mental health a priority. When I fail at living a balanced life its because I haven’t put in the effort. It becomes so much easier to blame my issues on things outside of my control, but if I continue like that then it puts me in a position where I feel as though I don’t have the power to change my situation.

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Phew, so what I am trying to say is that I want to try and take more control over my everyday experience of life. Be more mindful of each moment, be more wary of commitments and making sure I have time for myself. Surrounding myself with those that bring happiness to my life and to some degree, trying to remove the negative influences in my life (be them internal or external). I feel like we could all do with a reminder like this sometimes, which is why I decided to ramble on about it here (sorrynotsorry).

My first area that I want to start focusing on and taking small steps to improve is my physical health. This has such a big impact on all the other realms of my life and I know from that one time many years ago where I somewhat successfully actually took care of my body, that this can make big changes in things like my mental health and overall wellbeing.

Making physical health a priority is one of those things that should never have slipped off my radar, if my body isn’t functioning properly how can I expect everything else to run smoothly. Getting sick frequently, being overweight, feeling unfit and sore are all things that are a constant battle for me and yet I haven’t put the effort in to improve the situation.

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The key for me is to start small and make sustainable choices so below are 5 (hopefully manageable) goals that I will be focusing on for improving health and fitness. Next time I check in i’ll give you guys an update on how I am going and what I have struggled with.

  1. Use that gym membership to get to the gym 3 times a week, even if its only for half an hour
  2. Start having a proper breakfast with a protein fuelled smoothie (and occasionally try and make it green)
  3. Develop a better sleep cycle and aim for at least 7 hours a night (put your damn phone out of reach!)
  4. Start utilising the stairs at work instead of making the elevator awkward by trying not to make eye or skin contact with anyone
  5. Be more mindful of what I am using to fuel my body (chocolate is one source of fuel but perhaps consider some other options as well)

My last leaving thought is something that has helped me in putting the effort to be healthier into perspective; instead of seeing things like eating healthy or exercising as a chore or an impossible task that inevitably ends with a wine of glass and far too much pizza, I am trying to see it as a reward to myself, keeping in the front of my mind the feeling of being healthier and fitter and ultimately happier. By trying to create positive associations, like how happy I feel after a good workout or how satisfied I am after putting effort into a delicious vegetarian meal, I find it easier to motivate myself to make the changes. Hopefully this helps me in being more successful in looking after myself, but i’ll let you know!

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Let me know if you have any small goals that help you focus on improving your health and wellbeing, I’d love any tips or advice on how to make health more of a priority.


  • http://www.facebook.com/784975036 Christel Hansen

    I love this post (AND YOU!) so much. I have definitely hopped on board the positivity train lately, and it has been… somewhat amazing. I think removing negative things/people/experiences/thoughts from your life is one of the best things you can do! I can’t remember ever feeling as happy as I do now – despite the fact that a lot of things haven’t exactly been going to plan lately. I think I’ve just changed the way I deal with bullshit, and have accepted that things will never be perfect – and that’s ok.
    I also feel like exercising and eating as healthy as possible (I ain’t ever gonna give up home baked goodies) contributes to my happiness A LOT. There is no better stress relief than going to the gym!
    One goal I really want to focus on is drinking more water – why don’t I ever seem to drink enough?! I’ve just been lazy and need to do it. I also want to try and do cardio everyday, whether it be low or high intensity! Anything is better than nothing, right?!

    • http://lenatalksbeauty.wordpress.com Lena

      One thing I like to do is make fruity herbal iced tea – currently it’s those peach hot/cold bags that one of the brands brought out, but any tea works really. zero sugar, easy as to make – i pop one in one of my mason jar mug/straw things, and add cold water and it’s more yum than plain water.

      • http://myfoxycorner.wordpress.com myfoxycorner

        This is a great idea to boost water, I have so much tea so might try out a few different ones this weekend and see which ones work well cold.

    • http://myfoxycorner.wordpress.com myfoxycorner

      I love YOU. The positivity train is definitely the place to be, I already feel so much better, inside and out. It’s all about perception, how we deal with challenges is all up to us! I have been loving getting back into the gym, feeling so great and full of energy it’s crazy. Waters a great goal, I keep a slice of lemon and some mint in my drink bottle during the day and it makes a huge difference to how much I drink :) xxxx

  • http://frecklenz.wordpress.com frecklenz

    Love this post! I’m right there with you with the stress thing but I have been trying to be proactive in beginning to manage it better. For my health I have started seeing a chiropractor, as I have been getting terrible neck pain. And exercising like you has been helping somewhat too.

    • http://myfoxycorner.wordpress.com myfoxycorner

      Any changes to help deal with stress are good, no matter how small! My flat mate is currently training to be a chiropractor! Maybe I should start using her skills haha!! Hope the neck pain improves xx

  • http://lenatalksbeauty.wordpress.com Lena

    As I was saying last night, I’ve been trying to look after my health better since getting some not so good blood test results. It’s hard but sticking at it feels good. I’m not sure if you’re interested, but I use the app myfitnesspal to log what I’ve been eating, and on it you can have friends, so if you want you can add me – I like having the support on there. it’s really about developing a routine with things like the gym. Does Ed go with you?

    • http://myfoxycorner.wordpress.com myfoxycorner

      I have my fitness pal but need to get back into using it!! Il try find you 😀 and yeah, I have edd as a gym
      Buddy which makes a huge difference because we can motivate each other :) thanks for commenting xxxx