Review: Violet Mousse (the lipstick, not a floral dessert) 

Karen Murrell 05 Violet Mousse

Taking photos of my face is something I am not used to. So please appreciate my efforts. 


I’m going to preface this review with two disclaimers (possibly three, I’m quite tired – wait that was one of them). Firstly, I don’t do many makeup related reviews, but lipstick is the one thing that I spend more money on than I should. I care more about lipstick than other less interesting things, like what product I will use to cover up the evidence of how tired I am or how I can disguise the unwanted blemishes moving in on my facial real estate.

If I could choose one makeup product only to use for the rest of my life, it would be lipstick. I therefore thought it would be fun to share some thoughts on the first ever lipstick by Karen Murrell that I was happily surprised to find on my doorstep.

Second disclaimer is that I have an awkward face. It smiles awkwardly (somehow in the exact same way every time) but I wanted to show the lipstick on … because that’s how its intended to be used and photos are what I like to see in a review myself. Okay, so it wasn’t really a disclaimer, more a slightly pointless ramble. Sorry. Read on for the important stuff.

Karen Murrell 05 Violet Mousse

What is it? I may be the last person in NZ to try a Karen Murrell lipstick, but in case I am not, Violet Mousse (05) is the newest lipstick released in this popular line of vegetarian lipsticks, made with natural products to seal in moisture whilst adding a pop of colour. This addition to the range is a warm mid-tone pink, formulated with things like avocado oil, evening primrose and other good stuff for your lips.

What I liked: Okay so I’m just going to lay down everything and declare my love for this lipstick. Firstly, the formula is ridiculous; Its balm like in texture and feels moisturising on the lips, is glossy enough to look natural and fresh and yet somehow manages to last through me eating a three course meal without looking less amazing. Usually if I want staying power, I go with a balm stain or a matte lipstick, and with a lighter shade like this, even then I don’t have much luck. Secondly, the colour is so flattering and natural, it completes the perfect minimal makeup look, bringing just enough colour to my face to help me look like a functioning human who didn’t get only 4 hours sleep because she got lost on the internet. Its a lipstick I can wear every day, for pretty much any occasion, and its low maintenance so I don’t have to check for lipstick on unwanted parts of my face every hour. In summation, I was impressed (and in love).

What I didn’t like: I didn’t like the fact that I only currently have one. Not to worry, I tend to remedy this rather quickly. I honestly can’t really think of anything I would change about this lipstick. The packaging is nothing incredible but its good quality and looks smart…that’s almost a criticism right? (Okay, not really, I’m just trying to be somewhat balanced in this review and its not working). The scent is definitely strong, so if cinnamon isn’t your thing, be wary. If, however, you are a fan of delicious scents that don’t think twice and hand over your credit card.

The details: You can pick this up for yourself for a pretty reasonable NZ$29.95 from selected pharmacies and health stores, you can find a full range of stockists here.

Karen Murrell 05 Violet Mousse

My face again…this time outside (this photo probably didn’t need this caption)

I was sent this product to try out, but I was not asked to review this, or paid for any opinions. As per always, the thoughts above are 100% my own and when I say I love this lipstick, its because its amazing. 

  • Lena

    This is a great review Lizzy! Really nice photos, and good analysis! Looks gorgeous on you.

    • myfoxycorner

      Thanks Lena! That means a lot coming from you 😀 I was so happy that it was such an easy colour to wear. Now I just want to find some brighter colours in the range! x

  • Laura // Laura Laura Blog

    I really love this review Lizzy, I really want to try this colour out actually – and also that colour suits you SO SO SOOOO much – these photos of your face are so beautiful x

    • myfoxycorner

      Aw thanks a heap Laura 😀 I think this colour would totally suit you too! Also, taking photos for a makeup related post are so hard, I don’t know how you make it seem so effortless! xx

  • sbluetoast

    You look lovely :-)

  • piadoesfashion

    I love this brand and the colour looks so good on you!

    • Lizzy Lockhart

      Thank you! I am so impressed with this brand, can’t wait to get my hands on more 😀

  • Melissa Jack

    Looks beautiful Lizzy! I love this colour too x

    • Lizzy Lockhart

      Thanks Melissa! I loved seeing you trying on so many of the range, they all seemed to suit you incredibly well! Its so good to find such an easy to wear shade.

  • Christel

    BEAUTIFUL!! I love this lippy too, it’s so nice and it looks incredible on you! Really enjoyed your review, can’t wait to see more beauty reviews on here 😉 AND YOU LOOK GORGEOUS! oxoxo

    • Lizzy Lockhart

      Its such a nice lipstick, I’m so glad you enjoyed the review! It’s been a while since I’ve talked about makeup on here haha 😀