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Father’s Day and Cupcake Madness

Hi All!

So today is supposed to be a “made me smile” post but that isn’t going to happen until tomorrow night sadly! I think I may move it to Monday nights as I seem incapable of posting Sundays. So this is a brief one!

Today was Father’s Day here in New Zealand and I am lucky enough to have an amazing Dad who is clever, generous, quirky, loving and most inportantly has great taste in music! To treat him Edd and I took him to see the new remake of Total Recall, an absolute classic sci fi with good ole arnie and some cringeworthy special effects that me and Dad used to love!! The remake surpassed my expectations and I was very pleasantly suprised! The two boys enjoyed it too.

After this Edd and I got home and I got into some crazy mini cupcake baking madness. It’s now 11.16pm and my 40+ mini cupcakes are baked and taste delish! Tomorrow morning = icing!!
Why you may ask did I decide 10pm would be a good time to bake what felt like 100 cupcakes? Tomorrow there is some food thingy on at the University where I go and my mum works and her departments food stall was in desperate need for some vanilla mini cupcakes! Cue baking session. In return I get to feast on all the other food that will be on display, a fair compromise me thinks!!
So all in all a busy night with not much time left for blogging.

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!!


Enjoying the Present

Hi all!

I hope everyone out there is having an amazing week. I am currently on “study” holiday from Uni for 2 weeks… I have quite a lot of work to do but it is almost impossible to motivate myself in a period of time that has the word “holiday” attached to it. Just don’t give me a holiday. I can’t handle the responsibility of self-motivation. In the spirit of trying to get something done tomorrow I’m heading into Uni to force myself to get in the mood for study (if that is actually possible). It helps that my mum works at the university so a trip to Uni means a cup of tea with her as well!


What made me smile…

Hi All!

After a hectic weekend I am afraid posting on Saturday and Sunday did not happen! This “what made me smile” post is technically supposed to be a Sunday thing where I can look back on the week and think about some of the things that happened so lets just pretend it’s not yet Monday…

This week was challenging in terms of the work at University but I made it through the week and managed to avoid any breakdowns (pat on the back!). Amongst the chaos of Uni there was, as always, things in life that were good and things that brought a smile to my face!


Surviving Stress

Hey Guys,

A really quick post today as I have two assignments that are due tomorrow that are finished but so terribly done that a lot of reworking needs to occur and in a miracle amount of time! I thought this may be an appropriate time to throw up some of the tips I have for how I survive the stress of study.


Make Me Smile

I wanted to start off with a pretty general post that  will briefly outline some of the many things that make me smile. I am someone who is very easily stressed (and worries non-stop) so having a positive focus in life is something I am trying really hard to develop as a second nature, to replace the more pessimistic side of myself and to reduce stress! So, long story short I aim to do a post like this weekly or fortnightly with a few of the things that over that couple of weeks had made me smile/appreciate life just that little bit more. But seeing as I have a whole life behind me this is some of the things that constantly bring smiles and happiness into my life!


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