Christmas Gift Guide: For the Love of a Cookbook

So I may not be the best at buying gifts for other people but I am really good at shopping for myself. And I really love cook books. So logically I decided that my first Christmas gift guide should be a few of my favourite cook books, some which I own, most which I don’t.

Cook books are great and anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves. I read them when I’m sick, when I’m hungry, when I’m bored, when I’m curious, when I’m lacking inspiration or when I’m in a Whitcoulls trying to speed read a cook book so I don’t have to spend my dollars. The following 5 are a non-exhaustive but nonetheless excellent selection of choices, if I may say so myself.

Recipe Book Gift Guide

For the Baker: Bluebells Cakery and Little and Friday Celebrations.

Both of these are the works of great little cafe owners in Auckland which you should all go out and visit, and both feature a delectable selection of baked goods. Little and Friday Celebrations is their second cookbook and after falling in love with their first last year, I would love to get my sticky paws on this one. They also have an amazing range of gifts on their shop so if you have a foodie in the family, look no further. Bluebells Cakery do some damn fine cakes as I discovered from a recent cafe visit. This would be perfect for a cupcake fiend or just someone who wants to bring a little bit of delicious whimsy into their baker.

For the Family Cook: Everyday Delicious

Chelsea Winter’s recipes on Facebook always make me pause when furiously scrolling by and so I am 99% sure her cookbook would be full of great stuff. This is her second cookbook but either Everyday Delicious or At My Table would be the perfect choice for someone who loves making delicious, wholesome meals for the entire family. Or someone with 3 hungry flatmates who behave like a family. Chelsea won Masterchef for a deliciously valid reason.

For the Reader: Hungry and Frozen

I did not take any convincing when it came to buying the cookbook by one of my favourite blogs, Hungry and Frozen. I purchased this and then devoured every page (not literally) before bedtime. The recipes are creative and interesting and the fact that there is a whole section on making ridiculously wonderful toasted sandwiches should be enough to sell this on its own. Laura’s writing is amazing (go check it out) and this cook book is one I constantly find myself browsing. Also I made the chocolate red wine cake and it blew my socks off.

For the Vegetarian: The Revive Cafe Cookbook 4

I don’t know how Revive have managed to bring out 4 cookbooks and still come up with such incredible vegetarian recipes, but they do and any of their 4 books would make an excellent addition to a vegetarians cook book collecton (or anyone’s collection for that matter). The recipes are simple, fresh and healthy but still varied and tasty. The 3 revive cookbooks already in my possession are in constant use and are the more practical out of all my cook books. Someone has to buy me number 4 or else I will just have to keep buying food from their cafe everyday.

So there you go, 5 excellent gift possibilities, and what’s even better, they keep on giving. By that I mean to say, if you buy this for your loveable food maker friend they may just cook all the delicious things for you to eat. Sneaky, yup. Doesn’t take away from their excellent gifting quality. Are there any great cookbooks I should add to the list? Let me know down below, my cook book collection needs more friends.


  • Rochelle Harris

    OOOH I love these suggestions ! What about The Unbakery ? That one is suppose to be awesome :) *visited by Harris & Co. Blog *

    • myfoxycorner

      Oh great suggestion!! I live so close to the unbakery and yet somehow have never tried it!! Thanks for visiting 😀