So sick….

uh oh. Feel myself getting ill, post nasal dri...

Hi All!

So I am three days into my last 6 weeks of my undergraduate degree! Exciting but also terrifying at the same time. What makes the whole thing worse is I am behind on several assignments that are due in a terrifyingly short amount of time and on top of that Monday I woke up with what feels like the flu!

After miserably suffering my way through the Monday and Tuesday I was able to have a break at home today with very little lectures on. Definitely much needed! I don’t know why it happens but all through holidays I am fine and in healthy form then Bam! First day back and I am hit with this. I tend to catch everything that goes around unfortunately but usually they are manageable colds that last for a couple of days than leave me in peace. I am having more difficulty coping with this one.  Anyway, enough of this feeling sorry for myself.

The good things about being sick are the lemon and honey drinks which taste extra nommy when Edd makes them for me (Thankyou!), the excuse to get takeaways especially of the hot and very spicy Thai variety and … okay that’s all the positives I can think of at the moment. ..

So I apologize in advance for what I predict will be a week of little blogging, I can barely find the time to do my uni work and on top of that get the flat ready for an imminent flat inspection (one day I won’t have to rent a house!)

Things I have coming up include a nail care routine, the start of some wedding posts in preparation for the big day, my favorite brownie recipe and who knows what else!

So if anyone has any great sickness prevention tips of secrets on surviving a flu than please pass them on and I hope everyone is having a better week than me so far!