Friday’s Letters

Hi All!

So something different and super short today, this will be my first Friday’s letters post and after reading so many other people’s weekly letters I am happy to be joining in haha. Here is where the Friday’s Letters originated from for me: ! I think it is a cute idea! Link me to yours if you have done one too!

Dear Test: thankyou for not being as brutal as I expected you might be, although I will reserve full thanks until I get the results back! Dear Dad: Please drive more carefully, I need you around for a lot longer! Dear Callie: thank you for the cuddles and giggles you have given me this week when I needed them most. Dear Auckland Bus Services: Kindly get your crap together and stop abandoning me! I can’t handle the stress of trying to find alternative ways into Uni on days when I have things due so stop striking or whatever it is you choose to do over driving me around town. Dear Time Management Skills: I was hoping that by my last semester I would have you under control but I guess you and me were not meant to be. Dear Wedding Date: Please stop approaching me at light speed, I seriously have so much to do before Feb 17th it’s freaking me out! Dear Psych Lecturer: Thank you, thank you, thankyou for extending the due date of my assignment from Monday to Wednesday! Haven’t yet started so need all the time I can get. Dear Mum: I love having tea with you at Uni and keeping up to date, don’t worry about me going to France, no distance could stop us being the best of friends! Dear Edd: Thanks for letting me indulge in some shopping therapy during this stressful week and for being the man of my dreams



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    looks like such a peaceful place!

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