Made Me Smile

Hi All!

Hope everyone had a fantastic week! Mine was up and down with a couple of tough assignments and more to come this week but I also found out that I did quite well on an assignment I thought I might fail and that I got top marks in one of my art history courses last semester yay! So here’s what made me smile this week

Callie took a liking to a shoe box this week! Had so many giggles because she only just fits in there with her head hanging out. Cat’s choose the weirdest places

Mid-week shopping spree due to high stress levels. Kindly Edd let me splurge some money on revlon products so that I could also get the free gift pack that they are offering in NZ at the moment (included the brown lip butter, nail polish and eye shadow quad).

Lazy Saturday consisted of a much needed sleep in and then out to brunch for delicious iced chocolate drinks and eggs benedict followed with a great new movie out in NZ called Two Little Boys – it’s a slightly strange kiwi movie that was full of laughs

Saturday Night Edd made enough of his amazing Chilli to feed us for 5 nights! So now we have three delicious meals ready in the freezer for the days when we can’t bring ourselves to cook. Yum!

Sunday was my day with my two brothers and involved a rather large amount of driving. Tilly (the dog) loves the car seat so as soon as we dropped Mr 4 at a birthday party she claimed his seat as her own for the rest of the day 😉

Lastly, it seems like Spring is definitely claiming its presence with a gorgeous warm day on Sunday that reminded me of how much I love the beach and the swimming season that won’t be too far off.