Friday’s Letters: Counting down the days


Dear Wedding: Well you sure are approaching at lightspeed. All the big stuff is done just lots of tiny things left for me to toss and turn over. Dear Coromandel:Thankyou for providing the setting for a lovely, relaxing long weekend. Your beaches were stunning as usual and the food was fantastic. See ya next year. Dear Mum: Thankyou for the coffee and lunch date today. I miss our catch ups at Uni so was good to reconnect. Dear Body: I forgot how horrendous you can be when you are sick. I feel like death and I have a list of things to do a mile long. Does not compute. Dear Job Hunting: I’m not sure why you are being so difficult but a little cooperation would be lovely. You are draining both my time and my spirit. Dear Callie:Thankyou for our mornings together where we lie in bed and talk (though your meows can be a little hard to understand at times). I’m so happy you came into our lives as the sick stray kitty you were so that we could fix you up and have you as our baby. Dear Self: Stuff feels like its getting kind of crazy at the moment but hold on and just don’t forget to breathe.

  • Rhiannon

    That beach looks amazing!
    Your wedding is so soon, how exciting!