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Friday’s Letters: Running late…again


Dear Feet: Sometimes you and I have no idea where we are going but as long as we have fun on the way and enjoy every day we are blessed with the destination is much less relevant. Dear Weather: I am enjoying this cool yet clear weather!! No rain but cool enough for me to wear my fox jumper yay! Dear Callie: You’re a funny thing. Please stop sleeping on the driveway. Dear Health: You have been a pain in the … lately but I can’t blame you when I haven’t been treating you with enough care and respect. Thanks to a much needed trip to the Dr I think we have the jump start we need to heal up and start being healthy, inside and out! Dear April: I’m excited to see what’s on store and I’m praying that things fall in the right place. Dear Nails: Why you keep breaking?! Dear Daylight savings: Thankyou for the extra hour sleep tonight, it’s much needed. Dear Edd: Thank you for challenging me and making me think. Sorry if I don’t always get it as fast as you, we aren’t all blessed with your brains haha.

Friday’s Letters: It’s a Good Friday


Dear Auckland: Thankyou for being such a beautiful city. I don’t always appreciate how lucky I have it here. Dear Edd: Thankyou for so much. Thank you for taking photos of amazing sunsets when I am driving. Thankyou for letting me cry on you after a rough shift. Thankyou for spending all day with me in bed watching movies and tv shows. Dear Family: I’m looking forward to spending the long weekend seeing you all! Dear IT crowd: You are hilarious and I don’t know why I haven’t watched you more. Dear Easter: Thank you for an excuse to buy chocolate and the time to send with family and my husband. Dear Work: This week was a little challenging and some times I’m not sure I can do this but then I realise how rewarding you can be. I do need more shifts though (or another job to make up some more hours? That would work too!) Dear Skin: Please calm the heck down, I can’t handle your sensitivity and mood swings! Dear Callie: Please stop attacking me when I have takeaways, you know I always share with you so just be patient my dear!! Dear God: Thank you for sending your only son to die for our sins.

Friday’s Letters: A lack of foxes


Dear Callie: I love but sometimes your a bit creepy. Like when I wake up to you staring at me on my shoulder… Dear Mum: It is always so lovely to see you for lunch and much needed catch-ups. I love that you and me are like best friends and that we can both off load on to each other! Dear Summer: We get it. You were great this year but I actually wouldn’t mind if it cooled down a little more so I can start wearing fox jumpers again. I know I will regret saying this when it rains every day and I long for your sunshine but right now I just want to wear autumn nail polish! Dear Self: We have to get back into a better gym/healthy eating routine ASAP! It’s hard with a new job and unpredictable hours but its up to us to make time and strop procrastinating. Dear Universe: Thank you for giving me such kind and generous friends! Dear New Zealand: Why no foxes?! I would live here forever if it wasn’t for a blatant lack of bushy red tails. Kiwis and Tuataras aren’t quite the same thing. Dear Edd: This year is pretty exciting in terms of our holiday that awaits us at the end of it! I can’t wait to spend two months exploring the UK and Europe with you. Until then it means spending nights apart while I do night shifts and that kind of sucks :( But we have the rest of our lives together so we’ll cope! Dear iPad (mini): I want you but I don’t really want your price tag. But more importantly I want you. Dear Mr 11: Have fun at camp! It was always the highlight of school for me and I know you will have an awesome time.

Friday’s Letters: Thrown in the deep end


Dear Bay of Islands: I miss you. Once I have children (no not right now) I will be bringing them here all the time!! Dear Job: After so many rejections it was like a dream to apply, interview and get a contract all in 5 hours. One day later and I had an 8 hour shift! Granted I feel totally out if my depth but I’m a fast learner I hope. Dear Callie: Thank you for giving us the perfect welcome home with cuddles and attention left, right and centre! We won’t leave you alone again any time soon my fur baby. Dear Edd: I wish I was as smart and awesome as you. But now we are married I own half your property, does that include your brain? I think so!! Dear Wedding Photos: Well worth the wait.

Friday letters: Married life


Dear Edward: It makes me so happy to be your wife. Our day was perfect and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thankyou for asking me to be your wife 5 years ago and for waiting with me until the time was right. Dear Universe:I can’t thankyou enough for bringing me to this point in life. I may be currently unemployed (not for long I hope) but I couldn’t be happier with my little life and my little family of 3. Dear Friends and Family: Thankyou for sharing such a big part of our lives with us and for all behaving yourselves, I know it couldn’t have been easy :p. I couldn’t have planned the wedding or carried it off without the help and support of so many of you. Dear Gym: I love you for having a TV screen on each cardio machine. Less love for how busy you can be at certain times of the day (I’m looking at you post-work exercisers hogging all the cardio machines!!). Dear new Die Hard movie: Thankyou for not being rubbish like I was semi-expecting. Dear Lantern Festival: You. Me. Tomorrow night. I’m excited! Dear Self: Life is too good right now to let immature drama get you down :) Never stop speaking your mind. Dear 22 years of age: See ya Sunday!

Friday’s Letters: Feeling the excitement


Dear Wedding: Holy cow! How did you get to being 9 days away? Also how is there still so much left on my list…. Regardless of the stress the excitement is even more pronounced and I can’t wait for the day where I become the wife of my best friend! Dear Cabbage Soup: You were okay the first day of this dumb diet but now I am sick of you. The only good thing is that every time I am hungry (and you are my only option to eat) I automatically cease all feelings of hunger so that’s good…Dear Gym: I am so happy to have rejoined a gym. And boy you are fancy! I love the TVs on every bike and treadmill screen so that I can channel hop while I exercise. Dear Edd: Thankyou for being my gym buddy and helping me with my workouts. This whole thing is so much easier with someone by my side who pushes me and supports me (and corrects my bad wrist positions when I do weights). Dear Callie: I know you love the rain and that you also love getting a towel dry but coming in and out several times in the space of an hour just to enjoy this repeatedly is a little time consuming. Dear Family: I can’t believe how supportive everyone is during this time of stressful last minute planning. No way could I do this myself. Dear Job Hunting: I would love to tell you to get stuffed but unfortunately I still need a job :( And all of my energy going into wedding planning makes this rather difficult. Why can’t the perfect job just find me? Dear Auckland: Thankyou for being so beautiful.

Friday’s Letters: Counting down the days


Dear Wedding: Well you sure are approaching at lightspeed. All the big stuff is done just lots of tiny things left for me to toss and turn over. Dear Coromandel:Thankyou for providing the setting for a lovely, relaxing long weekend. Your beaches were stunning as usual and the food was fantastic. See ya next year. Dear Mum: Thankyou for the coffee and lunch date today. I miss our catch ups at Uni so was good to reconnect. Dear Body: I forgot how horrendous you can be when you are sick. I feel like death and I have a list of things to do a mile long. Does not compute. Dear Job Hunting: I’m not sure why you are being so difficult but a little cooperation would be lovely. You are draining both my time and my spirit. Dear Callie:Thankyou for our mornings together where we lie in bed and talk (though your meows can be a little hard to understand at times). I’m so happy you came into our lives as the sick stray kitty you were so that we could fix you up and have you as our baby. Dear Self: Stuff feels like its getting kind of crazy at the moment but hold on and just don’t forget to breathe.

Friday’s Letters: Never enough time in the day


Dear Life: Slow down, sometime’s I don’t feel like I can quite keep up with you and would love a little respite. Dear Wedding Ring: You are perfect. Small and delicate. Understated and elegant. Exactly what I wanted and for a lot less than I was planning to pay (thanks to the 50% off sales!). Dear Children: You tire me out but being a Nanny has its advantages. Your laughs bring smiles to my face. Your questions make me wonder things that never crossed my mind. Your tantrums teach me patience and your games remind me to have fun. Thank you. Dear Job Interview: I’m terrified but happy that I got through to the next selection. You give me hope that maybe I will be able to find a job soon. Please be nice? Dear Pita and Lulu: Have an awesome time in Fiji. Please stay safe and don’t forget to come back in time for my wedding. If my brothers and sisters aren’t all here I promise I will throw the biggest hissy fit possible. Love you. Dear Skin: You have been a pain and a half this week. Thanks for the sleepless nights because my skin felt like it was on fire. I pray that this $95 Doctors appt will clear you up and make you behave yourself. Why is there no simple fix? Dear Blog: Sorry for abandoning you this week. Next week I hope things will get back to normal but in this pre-wedding and job hunting whilst nannying phase my time seems to slip away before I can plan what to do with it, so no promises :)

Friday’s Letters: A New Year


Dear Callie: Thankyou for making me laugh each and every week. Your facial expressions never fail to amaze me and drive me to giggles, Dear 2013: Hi there, nice to meet you! There is so much going on this year and I can’t wait to meet each challenge and moment head on, Dear Peach Cupcakes: Thankyou for not failing miserably. I always get so nervous trying new cupcake ideas and you came out exactly like I wanted, fresh, summery and fruity with a bit of buttercream to top it all off! Dear Edd: I am so happy to be coming into the Mew Year with you! Thank you for being my best friend and for trialing all my baking. It was so lovely to have some time with you over this rare and magical holiday period, Dear Mum: thankyou for everything this week. I have had so much fun going shopping with you and Lulu :) & get better soon! Dear iPad: I want you :( Im just waiting for the money to fall from the sky so I can get you. Dear Coffee-Maker: Hi and welcome to the house! Thanks to my lovely mother in law (to be) Edd now makes me amazing cafe quality coffees and I’m in heaven!

Friday’s Letters: Coming to an End

Dear Christmas: I don’t care if Santa isn’t real, this time of year will always feel a little bit magical. Thankyou for giving me the chance to see three different family groups in one day. Dear Pavlova: it wouldn’t be Christmas without you. Dear Family: We are a crazy, mixed up bunch but I wouldn’t wish for anything different. Thankyou for spoiling me, as usual. Dear Car: Your battery may have died right before Christmas when no-one could fix it except for a very useful step-Grandad, but we all lose our motivation to get the motor started every now and again. I hope this new battery keeps you going for another few years. Dear Edd: Thankyou for my wonderful presents and for remembering things I mentioned that even I had forgotten. Your a keeper. Dear New Mixer: Welcome to the family. You are a little fancier than our other kitchen appliances but I look forward to making many cupcakes and other delicious items with your help. Dear Callie: I am glad you loved your Christmas presents! The treats have been going down very well and you look even cuter than normal in your brand new collar. Dear Summer: If you are going to give us such unbearably hot and humid weather at least give us the sunshine to go with it? Dear Future: Little by little plans are emerging and I now find you slightly less frightening than before. I am also happy that France is still a part of next year. Dear 2012: It has been an interesting and challenging year which has flown by frighteningly fast. Although I happy to start anew in 2013 I am thankful for the things I have learnt and the amazing people I have met over the last year.


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